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Facing the lockdown with better home entertainment might be just what many people need right now. We share 7 of the best things you can do at home.

7 things to do during the COVID-19 lockdown

With most countries in Lockdown and President Trump hinting at normality returning by 1st of June, health professionals worldwide are warning of difficulties people may face, ranging from depression to obesity and substance abuse. 

Well, let’s cheer up with a few things you can do, after all: your home entertainment ideas for the next 60 days in most countries will be crucial to your comfort and distraction. 

Try out virtual reality – you’ll need a VR headset

The concept behind virtual reality is that you can enjoy a full visual experience whilst being in a confined space, which will feel as close as the real experience itself. This can include doing things like flying around in a hot air balloon, scuba diving with VR – and of course playing one of hundreds of games with other players. You can even take a dance class or physical exercise with VR. 

Remember that mental health professionals suggest exercise and meditation as one of the most helpful activities right now when restricted to a confined space: virtual reality is one of the ways in which you can make exercise fun, or simply enjoy a new visual experience. 

Competitive online gaming or something where you could get lucky

iGaming companies are seeing record activity right now as folks are on lockdown. Everyone from sports betting to online casinos are buzzing. Naturally, you’d want to be prudent and avoid the addiction trap. 

So if you’re able to be a responsible player and know when to call it an end, then sites like Kasinohai can be a great way to help you pass time and enjoy what you’re doing.

Try online dating

You may ask but how do I try dating if we cannot head out anywhere? Well, people are getting creative these days, watching movies together via screenshare and finding all sorts of ways to keep romance afloat during tough times. 

So during this time of social distancing, one would imagine that is the sapiosexual crowd who find the most consolation. Apps like Tinder, POF, and Match are also seeing record numbers – well, their competitors in the adult industry are not too far behind as you can imagine. 

Take an online course

Using any spare time to improve yourself is great. Whether you’d like to study a new IT skill, learn more about meditation or perhaps something that will help you discover a new career during the looming recession: online learning is the quickest way to access that. With sites like Skillshare and GoSkills, you’re just one step away from a great discovery.

Get a Netflix account

For sure if watching movies is your only gig to stay busy during lockdown, there might be a point soon where you become bored. But if a bit of time goes towards documentaries and movies, well then a Netflix account might not be a bad idea. Remember that Youtube also has a premium option these days – and off course there is Amazon prime that gives great access to movies.

Get into Yoga and Meditation

Through instructional videos, you can take up a really calming activity such as yoga. The exercise element will help you stay fit and to maintain mobility during moments of confinement. There is also the spiritual element that may help you through tough times – and that is more where breathing and meditation come in.

Rekindle your social media connections

Think back to all your dear friends that you neglected during busy times. Might now be a time to reconnect with them? It is true that during challenging times people learn to appreciate each other again. So reaching out to old friends and acquaintances via social, may just be a great opportunity to jump at right now.

Final words

There is no doubt that the Coronavirus quarantine of 2020 is one of the most daunting tasks humanity was ever faced with – and yes, there is also the question of economic depression. We see daily how people like Bill Gates and Donald Trump talk about the fallout and the critical decisions that have to be made. 

Remember that we have to live in the moment and that self-preservation is a critical life skill. A combination of the above ideas may come is a great help to you. It may even help you to prepare for what is to follow, especially if you will be one of those who will experience a gigantic shift in life. Stay safe and happy reading!

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