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As things seem to get even darker with the coronavirus, here are some of those gallows humor memes to make you chuckle.

Can we laugh about coronavirus yet? The best COVID-19 memes

Seeing memes about the coronavirus is pretty much like looking at those nursery rhymes about the plague or bricking up a child in a bridge, they’re definitely dark but that’s always how humans have been. With the coronavirus continuing on, cases, and deaths on the rise, it’s unsurprising that people are trying to bring some gallows humor to a global pandemic. We always do try to battle darkness with laughter.

So as things seem to get even darker with the coronavirus, here are some of those gallows humor memes to make you chuckle. Will you go to Hell for laughing at them? Probably not. We need laughter wherever we can get it these days. But, it’s definitely going to a dark place as we look over these 12 coronavirus memes that will definitely leave you cracking a grin.

1. As the year progresses

Oh boy as things went from bad to worse, people just don’t know how to handle the coronavirus memes, huh? Should we laugh? Should we not? How do we handle all of this terrible news? And then another meme pops up onto your feed and here we go again.

2. How about no? 

How about focusing on making sure that COVID cases are going down across the board first? Huh? Huh? You’re not going to answer, are you? 

3. Simpsons did it

Trump didn’t die, but The Simpsons predicted a heck of a lot of stuff over these past couple of years. So . . . yeah . . . Simpsons did it first, apparently.

4. No tongue! 

Okay, wow, that’s a lot to share on the Internet. But yes, wash your hands like you’re washing something precious. Like Jason Momoa or a Ming Vase, but just . . . don’t do it with your tongue okay? 

5. Do this more! 

Star Trek prepared us for many things, including how to greet each other during a pandemic. And you should be doing the Vulcan salute in public more! Don’t argue about this! Spock says so.

6. We don’t have to drink on FaceTime! 

Drinking together without leaving the comfort of your home? Truly an innovation that will probably stay around after things ease.

7. Coughing in public . . . yikes

Just hold it in and don’t let them hear. Seriously, no one wants to hear you coughing even if you’re wearing a mask in public. Just swallow it until you can find a desolate spot and then go to town. But they will hear and know.

8. The time traveler did it! 

Should we blame the hypothetical time travelers for how this year has been going? Someone probably stepped on a butterfly or something.

9. Horror movies are gonna look different

Sorry, Jason, but you’re a role model in these times. You wear a mask and try to keep people away from one another. Who knows when you’ll be scary again?

10. Drink that water and stop the cough! 

Crap, now you’re coughing. That’s probably not a great sign, huh? It never really is a good sign when you laugh so hard that you’ve started to cough. But maybe a drink of water would help in the long run? 

11. Wear the mask! Wear the mask! 

Wearing! A! Mask! In! Public! Is! Not! That! Hard! Just do it, seriously. If only to be a good human being above all else. Be like Elle Woods, folks! She makes it look so easy and fashionable. Don’t you want to be Legally Blonde

12. 2020 vibes

2020 just has been taking one long and disastrous turn for the past several months. And just look at how we felt three months in. Now on month 11, it’s pretty much going the same. Except everything is on fire and we’re screaming so loud.

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