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It’s time to prepare yourself because we present to you a list of memes of very cute and very funny baby animals.

All the best memes with cute baby animals for your quarantine

We’ve provided you with quarantine cats and quarantine dogs to fill your animal meme needs during these trying times. However, why limit ourselves? There are so many cute and funny animals to provide us, humans, with giggles and awws!

So, it’s time to prepare yourself because we present to you a list of very cute and very funny baby animal memes. These baby animals will give you such an endorphin rush you may just forget you’re in quarantine for a minute.

Farmyard style doggy pile

These cute baby animals are so wholesome someone just might pass out.

Angry and cute

Is it a crime to be this sweet looking and yet so intimidating?

Kitty or tiger?

Either way, it deserves a cuddle.


Of course, we’ll go with you to prom! Who could ever say no to a face that sweet?

Baby’s first pun

They grow up so fast.

Workout panda

Maybe we should just lay here until we come to a decision.


Doesn’t matter if this is photoshopped, it will heal hearts.

Karaoke night in the woods

Alvin and the chipmunks have some new competition from the squirrels.

Tall tale or tall tail?

Actually, who cares if this bunny is a compulsive liar– he’s precious.

Cheer up friend

Smiles are contagious, especially interspecies smiles.

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