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If you're considering starting an online company then Dan Western has five tips for you to consider before jumping in head first.

Dan Western shares 5 tips on how to start up a company online

Dan Western is the founder of the successful entertainment company Wealthy Gorilla. He started the company when he was just 19 years old, with $100 dollars as his starting funds. He was inspired as he got into fitness and wanted to motivate others globally about confidence, self growth and how to survive in the modern world.

The company later grew globally and reached over 60 million users from around the world. He currently has 200,000 followers on social media following Wealthy Gorilla religiously and the company is worth 7 figures. His website is one of the most popular to visit globally, with all good reasons as to why.

Wealthy Gorilla has been mentioned on world famous news websites including Forbes, FOX, Men’s Health, Daily Mail, The Sun, Elite Daily, and many other publications. His website is widely loved by all demographic audiences, since the main focus of his posts is to combat any negativity about mental health, but to only advocate positivity about how people should perceive themselves.

His posts can consist of inspiring quotes, tips, images and sometimes lists for entertainment and the world’s richest people; just to motivate others to succeed and not distract themselves in life.

Since Dan Western strongly believes in self growth and motivating others to only do better, he wants to inspire other budding entrepreneurs who want to succeed in life. Here are 5 tips that he wants to share on how to start up a company online.

Learn a few things

Dan advises, “When it comes to starting up a company, you need to learn a few things first. There’s no harm in taking lessons and learning skills that can benefit you and your company.” 

Dan believes that there is no harm in taking courses that can help enhance skills, such as Photoshop or Web Design. Skills can play an important factor to how professional your business can look. Customers base their first impression even by the design of the logo for the company.

Don’t hesitate to start 

Dan explains that “Don’t be apprehensive and just start right away. I’ve seen people waste away years strategically planning, only for their idea to become obsolete by the time they’re ready to let the world see it.” 

Dan believes that it is important to push your limits in order to achieve your goals. Over-analyzing or over thinking will always cause anxiety and affect starting up the company. However, it is also important not to rush things, because it can also create obstacles that you would have to overcome at a later date. 

Be consistent

Dan advises that,”you always have to be consistent with your company and management. I’m a big fan of the compounding technique and what I focus on is making improvements; even if they are small. With consistency you will see growth in your company.”

By producing quality content, products and services that are delivered in a timely manner to your clients or viewers, you have built consistency which will only help contribute to the professionalism for the company that you want to build. In order to enter the international marketplace, it is crucial to give your customer base a product they can rely on.

Be patient

Dan explains that “being patient will actually get you very far in life and will help build your company. It took me 4 to 5 years for me to actually enjoy the hard work I put in. The first 3 years were a lot of grafting, but it all became fun and interesting for me.” 

By having a strategic plan set out and building a timeline with expectations and goals, you can meet your monthly or yearly targets for your start up company and be on the right track to success. 


Dan believes that connecting with people can bring many great opportunities to your company. By meeting and building a social network, you are able to meet people that require the skills that you need to help contribute to your startup business. 

Dan advises that “We live in a digital world where people can meet easily online. It’s good to take advantage of that, so that you can build contacts and even gain employees who can benefit your company.” 

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