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As we wait for the long-awaited James Bond film, the last instalment for Daniel Craig, we consider what is so wonderful about this actor: our 5 top loves!

5 reasons why we can’t get enough of James Bond’s Daniel Craig

We can all accept that Daniel Craig is one sexy Bond. While many people had doubts when he was cast, as soon as we watched his first scene in Casino Royale, we knew he was going to bring a dark brooding to the role. Could Bond really ever be blonde? Well, he is now!

Just look at him

Let’s get the superficial out of the way first. He looks damn fine. There is a reason why he never looks at you directly. It is because his ice blue eyes would laser cut you in half. Therefore, we get to love those sideways glances into the near distance. Then, there is that pondering look towards the ground.

Even if you ruffled his hair and generally muddied his best suit, he would still be the sexiest man in the room. Remember that scene in the speedos when he walked out the sea.  Most people got to that page in his calendar and never moved on in time!

But he is not a rogue

What you don’t want is your sexiest actor of all-time to be the sort of man who loves and dumps women. Imagine if this man was nowhere near a predator, instead he was the real-life prince to his beautiful much-adored wife. It makes him even more attractive – right? Rachel Weisz & Daniel Craig exchanged vows in 2011 but were good friends long before this. He has found his forever partner and that makes us love him even more.

These two talented actors knew each other long before they became part of the elite of Hollywood. They became friends from 1994 onwards and some time in 2010 they sparked a relationship together. Yet throughout, they protected their relationship from the glare and pressure of the media. They continue to live a low profile life in the UK and do nothing to reveal the inner workings of their marriage.

While we would love to know everything about Daniel Craig, we love him even more for protecting his relationship in this way.

He added depth to the role of Bond

So people thought that Craig would make an awful Bond. And then, Daniel Craig revolutionized the role and brought it into the new millennia kicking and screaming. He ditched the cheesy lines, the over-focus on style over substance and the silly gadgets. Instead, Craig worked to give the character depth – an inner turmoil and darkness that means some of his films have earned the most money in Bond history.

Of course, Craig’s bond is as stylish as others — more so in those wonderfully sharp suits. However, for the first time Bond was three dimensional and not just a cartoon cutout superspy. Look to the vulnerability he showed in the scene where he was tortured during Casino Royale. He was naked and tied to a chair and looked anything but invincible. 

Purists might think that a real Bond would spend his time on the chair making glances at possible escape routes. However, Craig’s choice to make him seem more human served to also make him more lovable. You never doubted any other Bond would escape but with Craig there was a genuine sense of peril. If you have read Fleming, you will know that the Bond of the books was far from an uncomplicated character – he was a dark, Byronic hero full of conflict. We see some of this in Craig’s performance.

He makes a more realistic spy

It is worth dwelling a little more on what Fleming intended in his spy. Fleming wanted the man to be a ruthless killer, someone who could make the hard decision for the sake of his country. The foppish humor and lightness of earlier Bond actors sanitized this character. Craig choosing to stand in the shadows and to stalk his prey like a predator is what has made the role so important. 

If you are superspy facing off against some of the world’s most notorious terrorists and criminals, you are not going to crack a joke and give a smile.

Those action scenes

So, let’s get real. Bond is not Shakespeare. So, really, the reason we cannot get enough of Daniel Craig is less to do with the acting and more to do with the breath-taking physique. Yes, back to that again. However, more than that – his stunts were spectacular. 

Remember the train? How he used a digger to open up the back of the train and then walked on board, straightening his tie. Then, those scenes when he was running around the rooftops chasing his latest foe. Or what about those car chases – those spectacular high-speed darts through Europe’s narrowest lanes.

Let’s sum this up

We can’t get enough of Daniel Craig because he is a good man, who is a talented actor, who transformed an iconic part and who looks damn fine too. Pretty sure the speedos coming out of the sea was enough of an answer though…

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