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David Rothman is the manager of artist relations for a Fortune 100 company and a member of the UJA of New York’s Young Leaders.

Exclusive interview with David Rothman

David Rothman is the manager of artist relations for a Fortune 100 company and a member of the UJA of New York’s Young Leaders, one of the world’s largest philanthropic organisations

 When he’s not managing artists, he’s on the road with them and at music festivals, watching the live actions. Here we have an exclusive interview with David Rothman and find out about his successes, news and business.

How did you break into the music industry?

“It all started from over 15 years ago when I started attending a lot of shows and was very sociable as a person. I met and connected with different people such as crew members for performers and I met more people in the music industry. I became an executive MBA and when I realized that there was a gap in the industry; someone needed to step in and help artists on the road. That’s when I decided to fill in that gap.”

What’s the mission behind UJA of New York’s Young Leaders?

“UJA of NY is the world’s largest local philanthropic organization helping more than 100 non-profits around the world. Our mission is to help everyone and keep them united, right now we are contacting people via email due to the coronavirus, whereas we usually set up meetings in order to set our mission.

“In addition to that, I volunteer with Junior Achievement of New York teaching those less fortunate to become the next generation of Entrepreneurs.  I am also a District Advocate for the Recording Academy and work to make sure our politicians do what they can to help the Entertainment Industry.”

What’s your favorite music festival that you’ve been to so far?

“I am always looking forward to Coachella, which is a staple for me and I love it because it is the kickstart to all festivals in the beginning of the year. However, what was a lasting impact for me was Glastonbury in the UK, it was an incredible experience. I also enjoy the New York festival Governors Ball.”

Can you tell us more about being a professional member at the recording academy?

“Being a professional member of the recording academy allows me to interact with all members of the music world and various people are put together. Everything that is related to music is associated with the recording academy; various local events, connecting with members and interacting with them. By becoming a member I’ve been able to increase my network and help out as much as I can to give financial literacy to younger artists and entertainers. I also get to attend award ceremonies annually, such as the Grammys.”

When did you set up Greeny Records?

“Within the last week or so I started getting creative during lockdown. I have made a song called ‘The Rap Knight’ and I decided to create my own record label in order to release the song through that. I got inspired when I was in the recording studio, watching artists and live performances.”

What genre will your song be?

“It’s my first song that I have ever recorded and I laid down a beat in the studio, came up with some lyrics and went for the Hip Hop direction. I have mixed and mastered it and overall I had a great time doing it.100% of the proceeds will be donated to charity causes I work with.”

What’s your favorite genre of music?

“I love all music from Jay-Z to Billy Joel. There is nothing like hearing live music played by amazing singers and bands. I can usually be found on the side stage at every major music festival and behind the scenes at most concerts.”  

Which cities have you loved travelling to so far?

“I love Sydney, Paris, London and my hometown of NYC.”

What do you do in your own time when you’re not on the road?

“I am always volunteering for charities and helping teach young musicians and entertainers about the industry. I am also the incoming Co-Chair of UJA’s Young Leaders and joining the organization’s Board of Directors.I also play basketball, soccer and beach volleyball.  I actually played college Rugby in Australia at the University of New South Wales.”

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