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Creating your own movie room? Here are the best ways to utilize your movie props and posters to create the perfect ambiance.

Movie props: Home improvement and decorating ideas for film buffs

Movie buffs are truly alive as they know how to make everything ‘larger than life.’ So, when it comes to redecorating their homes why it has to be any different. Here are some tips to decorate your apartment without being too cheesy.

Focus the décor around the entertainment center 

Usually, the go-to movie décor we see in homes is a piece of movie memorabilia on display. But, true movie buffs must go overboard and focus on transforming the entertainment center in their homes. As you will spend all your time here while watching movies, this space must share your love for the cinema.

An ideal way you decorate the entertainment center is to add high tech décor like a black TV cabinet for your HDTV. If you are a fan of home theatre then you can go for a slightly kitschy path. Go a little over by adding “Now Showing” posters, home theatre-style chairs or burgundy recliners to the mix.

Mood setting movie posters 

You will be amazed how tastefully you can represent your love for movies by using movie posters for decorating the apartment. Movie posters can complement any kind of décor. Pick some of your favourite film posters framed and hang them around your apartment walls. Your blank walls will lighten up with the colorful or retro movie posters, just make sure you stagger the heights at which the posters are hung for a breakup effect.

Movie wall decals 

If you are running on your favorite movie posters to use as décor, then you can buy exclusive movie wall decals online that will amazingly transform plain walls into something incredible. You can buy family movie wall decals from online stores like Kraftmatics. Wall decals are available in all sizes and can be customized to any extend. You can have your favorite movie stars, logos or dialogues as your wall décor.

Make the best use of your movie memorabilia

Your movie memorabilia are the cornerstone of your collection and you have to set it right to appreciate its value and importance. Putting all the stuff you own can cause your apartment look haphazard or cluttered. This is why you have to plan what memorabilia you want to put where so that you do not get an overwhelming feeling after you are done.

An easy way to use your move memorabilia as décor is to put them into display cases and spreading around your apartment like a museum. Focus on key pieces and put them in central locations for grabbing the attention. Use lamps to get them more focus if the memorabilia items are not damaged by light.

Avoid being too much

Now putting every collectable like action figures, props and posters might come across as being too obsessed. This is why you have to be minimalistic and avoid turning your apartment into a storehouse rather than a fun place for movie buffs.

We hope these tips will help you portray your love for movies to your guests without being too excessively out there. The best part is you can always switch the memorabilia pieces whenever you want to change the mood around the apartment.

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