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Not only did Michael Boston direct and act in 'Dress Rehearsal' he also wrote the script himself. Here's why you should be watching.

Why Michael Boston’s ‘Dress Rehearsal’ is an award winning film

Michael Boston is an actor from Massachusetts with acting credits going all the way back to 1989. However, recently he has begun doing directorial work as well. His first short film, Dress Rehearsal, which he also stars in. 

Dress Rehearsal has won fifty-two different awards. These range from best actors at the Montreal Short Film Awards to an Award of Excellence at the same festival. The film has also won best script and various other accolades at numerous festivals since the short film’s debut in 2017.

Dress Rehearsal is about a struggling method actor named Abner who takes his research too far when he dresses as a woman. One night, while dressed up, Abner is assaulted.

Not only did Michael Boston direct and act in Dress Rehearsal he also wrote the script himself. This is not, however, Boston’s first time writing a script. He also wrote Little Boy Blue in 1997, which starred Ryan Phillippe and Nastassja Kinski – this script won best film at Mystfest and has since been released on DVD.

As for Dress Rehearsal Michael Boston has this to say about his work, “I can never be afraid to tell a story that captures real life. Life has its challenging periods for all of us. As [a] writer and now, a director, I feel a responsibility to show us in our most anxious moments, but never closing the door on hope.”

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