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Ellen DeGeneres has been a TV staple in the US with her hit daytime talk show. How will the cancellation impact Ellen's net worth. Here's what we know.

Ellen DeGeneres net worth: Possible effects if her show is canceled

Ellen DeGeneres has been a TV staple in the US as the host of her hit daytime talk show – The Ellen DeGeneres Show – for a whopping seventeen seasons. However, the past year has not been a kind one to Ellen, who was recently dubbed the “Queen of Mean” by several media outlets.

Allegations of unsavory behavior may seem hypocritical for the likes of DeGeneres, who prides herself on acceptance, inclusivity, and above all – kindness. In fact, it’s this behavior that initially led Ellen to earn hundreds of millions of dollars via her TV show & sponsors. 

But as calls surfaced condemning Ellen’s actions in light of her recent behavior, could this actually mean the end of Ellen’s TV reign as we know it? If so, we can only speculate as to the effect this may have on the new worth of one of the world’s richest self-made women. 

Why have there been calls to cancel Ellen’s show? 

There is still uncertainty as to the future of The Ellen DeGeneres Show as it prepares to enter its eighteenth season. This comes from a recent push by celebrities and guests of the show – ranging from a Dutch beauty vlogger named Nikkie de Jager and comedian Kevin T. Porter – who noted incidents of rude and inconsiderate behavior by Ellen. 

A Twitter thread followed, with former staff and guests sharing thousands of stories of not-so-sensitive behavior by Ellen, including accusations that she is “cold,” “uninviting,” and even requires anyone meeting with her to chew gum on behalf of her “sensitive nose.”

It’s no coincidence that following these reports, Ellen’s talk show has seen a record low ratings report. Dropping from an already all-time low in May 2020, the end of June saw The Ellen Degeneres Show fall 14% in the ratings, now behind its rival talk shows. 

With such a steep decline, there must be some considerable impact on Ellen’s net worth. 

Ellen’s net worth: Her show is half the battle 

According to Business Insider, Ellen’s overall net worth sits comfortably around $330 million. DeGeneres has held several roles in TV & film, from voice acting to stand-up comedy specials. She even had another talk show, familiarly titled The Ellen Show, from 2001 to 2002. 

Since its premier in 2003, it’s unquestionable that the largest portion of Ellen’s net worth comes directly from The Ellen DeGeneres Show; the show was earning her nearly $50 million a year by 2017. Reportedly, Ellen even takes home a whopping 60% of the profits from advertising and product placement. 

Needless to say, losing her talk show would account for a large hit to Ellen’s finances. But some fans may not be aware that Ellen’s show only accounts for about half of the star’s net worth.  

Ellen DeGeneres: Other sources of income

If Ellen suddenly found herself without a popular show for the first time in over two decades, one has to wonder: from what other sources would she be able to maintain her wealth? 

It turns out that DeGeneres – along with her wife Portia de Rossi – has a real knack for real estate. Having bought and sold over twenty large properties in the last twenty years, the couple reportedly earned $45 million from property sales in 2019 alone. 

Despite these incredible earnings, Ellen doesn’t consider real estate a “financial strategy,” but still just a “hobby.” 

DeGeneres has also seen millions of dollars in profit from co-founding a production company in 2003 – aptly named A Very Good Production – responsible for producing shows like the long-running Ellen DeGeneres Show

Ellen’s net worth: Effects of cancellation 

Despite claims by networks like CNN that The Ellen DeGeneres Show is at risk of cancellation, or that the show is currently seeking Ellen’s replacement, it is unlikely we will see changes anytime soon.

If The Ellen DeGeneres Show were to spontaneously disappear off the air, it would certainly take a sizable chunk from Ellen’s net worth. But there is no doubt she would never be forced to return to a financial life like the one she led before her celebrity.

Ellen claims that due to an impoverished upbringing, she does not have any restrictions when it comes to the way she spends her money.

Unfortunately, one clear effect may be a decrease in Ellen’s philanthropic contributions to charities supporting human and animal rights – including fighting inequality, promoting education, and conservation efforts. If she did have to budget, this may actually be the worst side-effect of Ellen’s money woes.

The effects of Ellen losing her show may not even be as harmful to her personal finances as one might think. Sadly she may have to pursue real estate beyond its comfortable place as just a hobby – but it still accounts for tens of millions of dollars.

So sure, the “the Queen of Mean” to tighten the metaphorical belt around her spending habits. But in the likely event that her show is cancelled anytime soon, you can rest assured – or stir angrily – that Ellen DeGeneres will continue to live a lavish life of celebrity that many of us can only dream about (Now, how’s that for a dose of reality?)

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