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'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' isn't all fun and games. Discover which of the whacky games Ellen likes to play are downright problematic.

Are these the most problematic ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ games ever?

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is well-known for having a multitude of games & segments to entertain its audience. The games can range from quizzes to physical obstacle courses and often end with an audience member taking home a prize or a celebrity winning money for their charity of choice. 

 While many of the games on The Ellen DeGeneres Show are all in good fun, there are a few outliers that are just more awkward than they are entertaining and even some that look suspiciously dangerous. Ellen DeGeneres loves the games on her show so much she made a spin-off show called Game of Games entirely devoted to whacky segments. 

It’s enjoyable to watch people having a good time on game shows but when the game is played at someone’s expense, it just leaves a bad taste. Here are some of the games on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that are more problematic than they are provoking. 

Know or Go

Ellen has some strange fascination with scaring the crap out of anyone on her show. This fascination was perhaps one of the earliest signs that Ellen’s humor had a bit of a mean streak. Know or Go is a pretty terrifying experience for most participants as the object of the game was to answer trivia questions – one wrong answer and a trapdoor opened underneath you. 

One particularly uncomfortable segment was when Ellen forced the show’s writer, Amy, to play the game. Amy was utterly terrified and repeated how she hated standing on the trapdoor, waiting for it to open under feet. Ellen simply laughed it off and continued to play the game. 

Never Have I Ever

We’ve all played a rousing game of Never Have I Ever at a sleepover or ill-advised house party. Ellen frequently brought out the game to play with her celebrity guests to reveal more about them. Often the game was light-hearted fun and we got to know a cheeky detail or two from our favorite celebrity. 

Sometimes the game veered into unpleasant territory. Like always Ellen likes to up the stakes, even poking at the celebrities by calling them liars if they prefer to be more discreet with their answers. Many fans enjoy the Never Have I Ever segment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show but it’s never fun to watch celebrities being uncomfortable. 

Burning Questions

Speaking of uncomfortable celebrities, Burning Questions is a game that really likes to push it to the edge. One burning question that Ellen posed to Jennifer Lopez when she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2019 was to name the part of A-Rod’s body she liked the best. It’s a question with some potentially saucy responses. 

Jennifer stayed classy and responded that she enjoys A-Rod’s arms the most. Ellen on the other hand went straight to the answer on all our minds when she responded, “My favorite part of A-Rod? I love his penis”. 

Hubba Hubba Quiz Quiz

This quiz segment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show makes us feel like we were transported to the game shows of the 70s where women were still called “sweetheart” and made to lick popsicles on live television. 

For some reason, The Ellen DeGeneres Show thought it would be funny to bring out two handsome male models and quiz them to see which model was smarter by how many more pop culture questions they could answer. 

Ellen has been blasted many times for the objectification of men on her show by showing off their bodies and encouraging the audience to whoop & whistle excitedly. While no one would condone this kind of behavior when it comes to women being objectified, for some reason Ellen thinks that men can be viewed as slabs of meat no problem. 

Haunted House

Easily one of the most disturbing segments on The Ellen DeGeneres Show is the Haunted House game where Ellen forces one of her staff to escort a celebrity guest through a creepy haunted house. 

It would be fine if the staff member & celebrity were willing participants but Ellen usually seeks out the most reluctant people such as her terrified writer Amy once again & her producer Andy Lassner to go through the house. It becomes incredibly uncomfortable when Andy & Amy appear stressed throughout the segment, making us wonder whether they get paid enough to endure that kind of torture.

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