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Here's everything you need to know about Emiliana Guereca, the women's rights activist & a force behind the women's march.

Women’s rights: The story behind Emiliana Guereca

Emiliana is a confident and well-known women’s rights activist and entrepreneur who believes in social justice and continually fights for the rights of everyone, especially those who are marginalised. 

Emiliana is the proud daughter of Mexican immigrants who moved to the United States when she was just a child. Although she was born in 1974 in Mexico, she grew up in Chicago in a state of poverty and, as they were undocumented, they were left with very few options. One of thirteen children, she is the first one in her family to attend college. She has excelled at many things and she speaks four languages: English, Spanish, Hebrew, and Arabic.  

She started her first business at the mere age of eighteen and moved to California to finish school. To pay for this, she waited tables at a restaurant. Amazingly, she ended up purchasing the restaurant and establishing a restaurant group. This entrepreneurial success is not her only achievements and her work in the name of Women’s Rights, Latinx rights, and the LGBTQ community is pronounced. 

Where has she established her success?  

Not only did she begin a restaurant group, but she also owns a film and event production company in Los Angeles. She is also extraordinarily proud of her role as the organiser of the Women’s March Los Angeles in 2016. She is also the founder of the Women’s March Foundation and the Women’s March Action which are political arms of the Women’s March. They have aided many women to run for office across the country and continually build a pipeline for women who would like to get into politics.

What inspired her to start the Women’s March?  

After the 2016 elections results, Emiliana was distraught and began arranging the march the day after. She felt that as a mom, an immigrant, and a women entrepreneur, the results minimised the capability of women who, like her, were passed over for important roles. It hurt, as a woman, that she and so many others were held to different standards. 

Her belief that President Trump was not the most suitable person for the highest office in the United States was exceedingly strong, and she decided that she needed to do something that could change the situation.

What distinguishes her as an extraordinary individual?  

Taking her mother and oldest sister as inspiration, she has tried to promote women’s rights. She knows what women are capable of doing, and she aims to make sure that all voices are heard in larger political discussions. Her mother and sister had very few choices in life, and yet they accomplished extraordinary things.  

Despite not having experience running a non-profit or political organization, she rolled up her sleeves and got to work to make sure that she could make a success of the Women’s March and the political arms which stemmed from it. She is one of numerous strong women in her life and knew that encouraging the political empowerment of women that look like her was essential work. She knows that she (and they) deserve a seat at the table.  

She started the Women’s March Los Angeles because she knew that women needed to not only be seen, but be heard, and loudly. She was not alone in her trepidation of what the country held for her after the 2016 election, and so she made organising the march personal. She made it her primary objective to make sure that Latinas weren’t excluded from the Women’s Movement, as had happened before.

What is she up to now?  

She continues to run her business successfully, but also to run the organizations that she has founded with unrivalled passion and astonishing dedication. She was vital to the election of Kamala Harris as a nominee for Democratic Vice President in the 2020 elections. She coordinated women’s organizations to really rally and prompt Joe Biden to select a woman for the position. She believes that the feminism that has been proliferated hasn’t included women of color, and she aims to change that.  

It’s clear that she’s not letting up on her quest for equity soon so if you’d like to learn more about this incredible woman, visit her Facebook or Instagram pages. Her personal website: is also a great place to start.

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