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Jeffrey Epstein’s history is murky and eccentric. Here is a list of all the people who have actually visited Epstein on his private island.

Who do we actually know visited Jeffrey Epstein’s private island?

Jeffrey Epstein’s history is murky and eccentric. There seems to be no clear path between Jeffrey Epstein teaching at The Dalton School without a diploma and owning his own pedophile island decades later. How Epstein grew his wealthy contacts and became so successful is still up for debate. What’s even murkier is the list of people who would eventually visit and spend time on Epstein’s Island. 

Jeffrey who? I don’t know any Jeffrey Epstein 

Everyone is trying their hardest to distance themselves from their previous relationships with Jeffrey Epstein, but the Lolita Express flight logs provide us with some clues. The Lolita Express flight logs to Epstein’s island were published online in 2015 and include over 1500 names of rich and powerful individuals. Although the list is extensive, some interesting names come up.

Bill Clinton didn’t know Jeffrey Epstein before it was cool to not know Jeffrey Epstein 

Bill Clinton has continually denied visiting Jeffrey Epstein’s island, but the Lolita Express flight logs show that Clinton took at least 11 flights to the island. Virginia Roberts, one of the women trapped into slavery by Epstein, also claims that she saw Clinton on the island in 2002. 

Although it’s been shown that Epstein had over 21 different phone numbers for Bill Clinton, Clinton denies ever having visited Epstein’s island.

A Freedom of Information Act was requested to provide Secret Service records for all of Bill Clinton’s visits and when the information was provided there was no evidence that Clinton had visited Epstein’s island. While Epstein was still alive, his lawyer wanted to emphasize Epstein’s relationship with Bill Clinton by claiming that Epstein “was part of the original group that conceived the Clinton Global Initiative”.  

Scientists have been rubbing elbows with Jeffrey Epstein to get funding 

Although Bill Clinton continues to deny his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, it’s no lie that Epstein provided funding opportunities to a number of industries, particularly in the sciences. Jeffrey Epstein held a series of scientific conferences on his island that were attended by famous physicists, including Stephen Hawkings. Other science luminaries that were in contact with Epstein include Jaron Lanier, and Stephen Pinker.

Jeffrey Epstein tried to cultivate influence in the scientific community by funding and hosting countless promising individuals. Most of these scientists or engineers were in contact with Epstein to raise funding for their research or project, but one individual that stands out as particularly surprising is Bill Gates.  

It’s been reported that in 2011 Bill Gates instructed a team to meet Jeffrey Epstein to discuss fundraising. 

Bill Gates, the world’s richest man, needs funding from Jeffrey Epstein right? 

It’s completely reasonable that one of the world’s richest men would seek out funding from Jeffrey Epstein, but Bill Gates denies having a relationship with Epstein. The Lolita Express flight logs however show Bill Gates boarded Epstein’s private jet and landed in Palm Beach, Florida. 

A spokesperson for Bill Gates claims that Gates was confused and thought he was getting onto one of his own private jets, a problem we’re sure is common. 

Although there’s no evidence to support claims that Bill Gates has been to Jeffrey Epstein’s island, Gates has visited Epstein’s private mansion on multiple occasions. Bill Gates’s first visit to Epstein’s mansion left an impression on Gates, and he wrote to a colleague that “his lifestyle is very different and kind of intriguing, although it wouldn’t work for me”. A spokesperson later clarified that Gates was referring to Epstine’s decor.

Everyone who’s anyone has possibly been on Jeffrey Epstein’s island 

The list of people that have visited Jeffrey Epstein’s island is given in the Lolita Express flight logs. Actor Kevin Spacey has visited Epstein’s island. Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers has been on Little Saint James. Model and friend of Ghislaine Maxwell, Naomi Campbell, has frolicked on Epstein’s island. David Copperfield proposed to Claudia Schiffer on Little Saint James. 

At this point, it will be surprising if a rich and powerful person hasn’t actually been on Jeffrey Epstein’s island. As the Ghislaine Maxwell case moves forward, we expect that more tantalizing pieces of evidence will start to come up regarding Epstein’s island and vast sex trafficking network. We’ll let you know when new details become available.

Jeffrey Epstein’s island was filled with terrible misdeeds and many women have now spoken up. Here’s our article focused on victims coming forward and seeking justice.

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