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An Axios interview with Donald Trump went viral yesterday. Is Jeffrey Epstein's death suspicious? Let's look at what Trump has to say.

Was Jeffrey Epstein’s death murder? Looking at Trump’s comments

An Axios interview with Donald Trump went viral yesterday, since it felt a little more like a bad Saturday Night Live sketch than it did a real-life presidential interview. The clip that was most shared yesterday was one where Trump and the interviewer, Jonathan Swan, argue about pandemic statistics while passing papers with graphs & charts back and forth.

However, there’s a clip which went less viral that we just can’t stop shaking our heads at. It wasn’t long ago that a journalist asked Donald Trump about his thoughts on the Ghislaine Maxwell case & whether or not he thought she may expose some powerful men.

Trump surprised and confused pretty much everyone by saying, “I wish her well”. Swan decided to ask Trump about his response during this week’s interview, and it served to only confuse everyone all over again.

What he said

Swan starts the question by repeating what Trump said previously, reading it off a notepad. He then informs the president (on the off chance he was unaware), that Maxwell was arrested for sex trafficking of minors, and then asks “Why would you wish such a person well?”

Trump hastily says, “well, first of all, I don’t know that”. Swan is noticeably incredulous at this statement. However, Trump then goes on to say, “Her friend or her boyfriend was either killed or committed suicide in jail”. He doesn’t say Epstein’s name, but he doesn’t correct Swan when he says “Epstein?” for clarification.

Trump then goes on to say, “She’s now in jail, yeah I wish her well! I’d wish you well, I’d wish a lot of people well. Good luck!”

Swan then asks Trump whether he means that he hopes Ghislaine Maxwell doesn’t die in jail. Trump doesn’t directly answer the question, but does repeat the phrase “her boyfriend died in jail” before continuing to say nobody is entirely sure what happened.

Does Trump think Epstein was murdered?

Jeffrey Epstein’s death was ruled as a suicide last year, but a lot of people have been very vocally suspicious of this – most people believe he was murdered. The circumstances were extremely suspicious, so it’s fair.

However, to have the actual president say “people are still trying to figure out how did it happen, was it a suicide, was he killed?” is rather unexpected. It seems to imply Trump himself is unconvinced by the official ruling of “suicide”.

Trump then goes on to repeat the same sentiments he’d already said on the subject over again. He seems rather adamant about the subject that he wishes her well since her boyfriend died in jail.

Does this mean anything?

It’s certainly interesting to see the man who is arguably the most powerful person in the country openly admit that it’s uncertain whether or not Jeffrey Epstein’s death was a suicide or a murder. However, this is a widely held belief, even if it is technically a conspiracy theory.

The reason people are ravenous over this clip is mostly because Trump has a very publicly documented relationship with both Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, so people believe the president knows more than he’s saying.

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  • So transparent! He wishes her well from guilt; he said killed because he ordered it!

    August 6, 2020
  • Trump could be using the occasion to remind Maxwell Epstein got killed in jail you might too if you open ur mouth

    August 6, 2020
  • Trump had him killed he paid the guards to do it Trump is evil

    September 27, 2020

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