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Facebook is a useful tool for business. Find out whether the app supports advertising for a law firm.

Does Facebook Work for Law Firm Advertising

Whether or not Facebook works for a law firm advertising is a hotly debated topic, but the short answer is that it depends on one’s practice area. According to online marketers, creating a Facebook business page for branding purposes is important to give your practice a human touch, share staff photos, and offer quick legal tips that link to your practice’s website. 

Experts don’t recommend spending excessively on traditional ads, which are not the kind of content users generally look for on Facebook. Online advertisers’ most important tips include things like:

  • Using the page to provide social proof in order to build trust in your firm
  • Running Facebook and Instagram PPC ads
  • Live Chatting through Facebook Messenger
  • Demonstrating your legal expertise.

How to Use Facebook Effectively for Legal Advertising

According to, Facebook commands social media with more than 2.7 billion active users each month. About 74 percent of Americans regularly visit the platform at least once a day, and that is difficult for any business to ignore. 

Many experts feel that legal firms can’t ignore the appeal of Facebook and its tremendous audience, but it can be difficult to make law exciting to the average Joe and Jane when having to compete with trendy restaurants and the latest fashion marketers for people’s attention. 

According to Facebook marketing experts at XSocialMedia, all the following strategies work well for advertising legal services on Facebook:

Build Trust

Facebook provides a forum where you can address legal complications and other meaningful content instead of just exhorting people to hire you to win a case. You might consider sharing blog posts and creating quizzes that both educate and entertain.

Advertise with Pay-per-Click

The cost of Google advertising is often extremely high for each PPC click. The average cost is $40, which compares with Facebook advertising that costs only $2.15. So, you can get decent results for fewer dollars by advertising on Facebook.

Recruit Staff

Facebook makes for an ideal platform for recruiting young lawyers. Facebook can also make the legal field more appealing as a career choice. The recent revelation that Kim Kardashian plans to take the bar exam in 2022 illustrates the increased popular appeal of law.

Use Facebook Forms

Facebook features client-friendly forms, so you don’t have to design special landing pages from scratch for each ad. You can collect lead information from potential clients directly within the ad, and the forms are customizable for the data points you need in order to effectively grade each lead’s potential.

Target Your Audience

Facebook has some of the best targeting you’ll find, and it shares the data it collects on members with its advertisers for a small fee. The data include demographics, popular interests and behavioral practices, which can prove invaluable for targeting particular segments. 

You can target divorced or separated parents with children if you practice family law or entrepreneurs if you offer business legal services such as intellectual property. You can also target people by location, gender, language, education, and many other criteria.

Achieve a Variety of Marketing Objectives

Facebook advertising is subdivided into three major objectives: Building awareness, fostering consideration, and making conversions. Awareness is created by generating interest in your law firm. You can create meaningful content to foster interest into unique legal challenges and possibilities to sue or file a claim. Simple links to your website can encourage social members to contact your firm for a free consultation.

Remarketing Is Easy with Facebook

Remarketing to people who visited your site is worthwhile if the decisions to seek legal help are complex. Finding the right lawyer for personal challenges and dilemmas can involve much research and a longer sales cycle. Facebook provides its advertisers with a widget they can install on their websites to track and re-target site visitors. You can nurture potential clients based on their Facebook interests.

Using Facebook Creatively

Facebook can provide a steady stream of leads that you can nurture, excellent targeting options, and much-cheaper-than-Google PPC campaigns. Facebook can work well for legal firms that adapt their content strategy to target, attract, and keep potential clients engaged.

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