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Our work environment can be stressful. Five Guys Daphne provides some useful tips on how to improve workplace morale.

Five Guys Daphne shares 11 tips for having an exceptional work environment

Many employers are interested in making their companies great places to work. Positive work environments are more productive, and they attract more talented and qualified individuals as employees. Creating a positive work environment can be an involved process, but the benefits are many. Five Guys Daphne shares 11 tips on creating an exceptional work environment.

1. Make sure employees are engaged

The Hay Group found that highly engaged employees are 50 percent more likely to exceed employer expectations. Companies with highly engaged employees are able to outperform their counterparts by 54 percent in employee retention, 89 percent in customer satisfaction, and 400 percent in revenue.

2. Encourage flexibility

Companies with engaged employees are more flexible. Their employees have the freedom to alter their work schedules or work location. Some employers are reluctant to trust their workers to get their work done outside the traditional 9 to 5, but they may find that their productivity rises if they are allowed to set their own schedules.

3. Volunteer with your team

Lending a helping hand makes employees feel good about themselves. Employers should support volunteer efforts and become involved with the community. Teams of employees should be encouraged to do charitable work, whether on or off the clock. Working to help others demonstrates that the employer is dedicated to making a difference, not just making money.

4. Authenticity

Building a sincere relationship between your employees and management builds teamwork and motivates trust. Employers need to be aware of creating genuine relationships and develop a trusting environment.

When employees realize that their workplaces are sincere and without hidden motives, they will be more relaxed at work and find that they can dedicate more personal effort to their jobs.

5. Promote breaks

It is a great idea to encourage your employees to take breaks throughout the day. It is unhealthy to sit for too long, and this can cause serious fitness problems in their lives. Get them up and moving several times a day for best results. You can encourage employees to take walks at lunch, to take the stairs, and to join nearby gyms. Happy and active workers get more done.

It is also smart to encourage your employees to take their earned vacation time. Too many employers give generous vacation time but look down on their workers for using it. They may feel that employees who take regular vacations are not dedicated to their jobs. Taking a break, whether it is just a few minutes a day or for a week’s vacation, will make employees happier and more productive.

6. Ask for feedback

Employees that feel empowered to give feedback about their jobs have greater engagement with their workplace. Employers frequently give feedback, pointing out areas like their working styles, workload, and office environment. Giving workers the chance to name ways in which their employers can provide an important outlet and show the company positive ways it can change to make its employees work harder.

7. Socialize regularly

Gathering with peers and colleagues is an excellent way to get to know each other. Having fun together encourages collaboration and creativity. It is not necessary to plan extensive events every week, but weekly lunches or trips to the local bar help with winding down from a busy week.

Five Guys offers Christmas parties to its workers, enabling them to get together and relax at a busy time of year.

8. Clarify goals

Each employee has a set of responsibilities and goals that they need to work on. Employees are sometimes confused about their role in the organization as a whole. If you want to increase employee engagement, you will need to clarify their goals and responsibilities.

Employees sometimes feel exhausted when trying to achieve their goals. They may have a lack of support and leadership. They may not feel confident about their work.

Great employers help their workers set goals, helping them when problems arise. Management cannot always be there to guide workers or solve all of their problems, but you need to project to your employees the idea that you are there to help.

9. Provide a pleasant environment

Workers enjoy having a good place to work in the physical sense. Fixing problems like lighting, air conditioning, desks, chairs, and strange smells can make employees feel more comfortable.

One of the ways in which Five Guys enhances its employee experience is by providing free meals each shift. This helps employees save money and makes sure that they can focus well having eaten a good meal.

10. Advancement opportunities

Providing employees with the appropriate opportunity to advance makes them loyal and engaged. If employees feel that they are “maxed out” in their workplace, they are more likely to look elsewhere for employment. Promoting from within gives employees solid and achievable goals.

Five Guys often promotes from within, and the company allows people who started as fry cooks to move up to managerial roles in time.

11. Company culture

Encourage your employees to have a balance between their work and personal lives. Find out about your employees’ responsibilities outside work, considering initiatives that allow them to balance their work and home life more easily.

It is also important to build a company culture that is focused on trust and integrity. Employees become jaded and cynical if they sense ulterior motives from their companies, and they are less likely to put in a good day’s work.

Creating a great workplace

Using these eleven tips, Five Guys Daphne encourages employers to take a close look at their own work practices. These tips will give your company a way to organize your efforts to keep employees happy and productive.

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