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Did you grow up loving the apartments on 'Friends'? If you want to make your living space look like the iconic show, here are some tips.

‘Friends’: How would Ross and Rachel’s house look today?

Everyone knows Friends, arguably the most promising television series that continued for 10 years, from September 22, 1994 to May 6, 2004. This has been one of the most influential series that these television characters became a part of many people’s lives. These tv characters started to seem real and so did their surroundings. This series continued for 10 seasons, and there were constant changes in the sets and apartments of the characters.

Today, we are going to explore the apartments of a few of the main characters of the series – Ross and Rachel. These two characters had stolen the limelight of the show, where Ross was a scientist and Rachel was a fashion designer, who had been in a relationship in the show. Their relationship saw many ups and downs, but finally, they got back together, settled in Ross’s third apartment. 

Ross and Rachel’s apartment

The latest apartment of Ross and Rachel was located across the street from the existing apartment of Monica. Out of all the apartments of Ross, this was the one where all the families of Ross, Rachel, and Monica appeared. Here, the layout of the apartment is the living room and on the right side of the living, there is a small hallway that leads to the kitchen.

There is one bedroom behind the hallway, which probably belongs to Ross, and parallel to Ross’s bedroom was Rachel’s bedroom on the left side. The apartment consists of one bathroom somewhere on the backside, either next to Ross Bedroom or somewhere between the two bedrooms.

The living room of the apartment has some beautiful furniture parts in similar colors. There was a brown colored leather sofa, one wooden dark brown center table with a side table and many stools. There is also a soft colored ottoman and white fabric chair contributing to the ambiance.

The room also consists of several showpieces like a beautiful flower vase, numerous paintings on the deep red colored walls, and the room was adorned with multiple lamps showering perfect lighting. 

In a scene, Ross and Rachel were seen discussing Sandy, the male nanny, in the kitchen, where we had a look at Ross’s kitchen which is significantly big and equipped with wooden cabinets, a dining area and all the essential appliances.

However, besides Ross and Rachel’s apartment, the look of Monica Geller’s apartment was highly appreciated. Many homeowners got inspired by interiors and tried to decorate their houses in the same way. Wondering how to do it? Mentioned below are some tips and ways to style your house like Monica Geller.

Home styling tips from Friends

If recreating Monica Geller’s apartment from Friends is all you wanted for your home, then you need to be a good organizer, and in case you are not the one, then simply follow the below-mentioned ideas. 

Decorate the wooden floors 

If the floors of your home are also wooden, then you can decorate them with the help of a large beautiful rug. When it is an open space, rugs effectively divide the space into different areas. For example, the rugs at Monica’s place separate the dining area from the living hall. You can opt for rugs with floral designs and neutral undertones to achieve the look from the 70s like her.

Place neutral colored upholstery 

If you have dark colored walls at home, make sure you keep the upholstery color neutral. You want to instill a competition between your furnishings and the walls and other accessories. None of your furniture pieces should stand out from the place, and everything must look to be in symmetry. You can buy a sofa with printed fabric or keep it plain, it is completely up to you, but the colors of the upholstery and walls are in contrast. 

Note: If you opt for printed fabric, then keep the living areas very simple to avoid a busy look of the space. 

Place Cushions, rugs, and throws everywhere 

Placing cushions, rugs and throws give a more homely touch to space, especially when you have a neutral upholstery. It allows you to change the style of the room anytime with the help of throws and cushions. The more you add, the cozier the place becomes.

Show-off your love for plants 

Monica’s love for plants was unmistakable. She has kept flowers and leafy ferns on the TV Table, speaker, and the console in the living area. The same is the case in the kitchen, where there are three little planters placed atop the refrigerator and the beam alongside it has a vase with fresh flowers. When you explore through older seasons, you can even find a chilli plant in the window of the kitchen. You can also keep some plants around different areas of the house with your understanding, such as at the entrance, corners of the living room, or top of the fridge, just like Monica did. 

Choose Striking Colors of the Cabinets 

Cabinets play a major role in forming or decorating the appearance of a place. So, when it comes to choosing kitchen or laundry room cabinets, you have to be thoughtful like Monica. The bare brick wall of Monica’s kitchen is adorned with the turquoise cabinets and shelves. You can do the same during kitchen remodeling to achieve a similar look. The look can be enhanced with colorful kitchen accessories or bright colored pots and flowers.

Paint the frames of the window black 

You can simply achieve a classic NY Apartment look by painting the window frames in Black. Doesn’t matter whether you have a small or a big window, have a balcony or not, a black window frame will bring a modern, eye-catching, and bold look to your apartment.

Choose French art for your walls 

When you decide to decorate your walls, go for French Art to hang on to. You can see the French poster above the TV and, in her as well as Rachel’s room.

Use both – blinds & curtains

All windows at Monica’s place have both blinds & curtains. You can also go both options all together to get that vintage look.

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