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Do you enjoy some extra funny and dirty memes? Laugh inappropriately as we present you with some of the finest.

Enjoy a naughty laugh: All the funniest dirty memes

Times are hard. There’s very little that can make us happy with a pandemic looming in the background. So we look towards humor as a coping mechanism. Science tells us, time & again, research after research, that humor can actually help one live through the direst of circumstances. 

Psychologists & other researchers have found that people who have a playful disposition, who find humor in the absurdities of life, and those who don’t take life too seriously are better able to cope with stressful situations & see an increase in wellbeing.

Almost a decade ago, another research explained why crass & inappropriate humor seems to work across genres – from slapstick to stand-up. Now that we have memes as one of the most widely used outlets of humor, dirty & funny memes have become our emotional outlet. Laugh inappropriately as we present you with some of the finest.

🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪 from DirtyMemes

Karen humor, unlike any other you’ve encountered

We know you’ve come across the Karen meme template – several of them – this year. But this isn’t one of those memes that depict the pejorative slang term used for an angry, entitled, and often racist white woman. Instead, this Karen just happens to be a dumb wit.

Brave New World from DirtyMemes

The Life & Times: 2020

With the pandemic & social distancing, everything has gone virtual. Office meetings were the first to make the pivot, followed by friends’ hanging sessions. Soon enough, zoom weddings & divorces became a thing. Legal proceedings have been held in virtual rooms & classes are being held online for kids as young as 4-year-old.

Therapy sessions have shifted to the online space as well, so why wouldn’t your other appointments? Except, when you think of your gynecologist’s appointment online, it might seem borderline pornographic. Seems like someone made this meme after a personal experience. Can’t blame them, it’s very meme-worthy.

I’m Ruined from DirtyMemes

Luck be in the air tonight

In 2020, it’s safe to say that the Wheel of Fortune isn’t much in anyone’s favor – pun intended. But if you guessed the words differently, you know you’re dealing with the year just fine.

Sigh from DirtyMemes

Marriage is for cuddle partners

In the lockdown, we’ve had a lot of time to ourselves & with our partners. In many ways, the lockdown has been a true test of compatibility. We all like stealing the hoodies, but we also get into a matrimonial alliance for the gift of warmth that comes in winters. If you refuse to warm your partner’s cold feet or hands, this might not be working after all.

Sheesh from DirtyMemes

Memes are life

We understand your obsession with memes. They get you through the tough times of the day. Memes can be more powerful than even sex. So we’re glad to know you’ve got your priorities set right. 

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! 🎄🍆🎅🏿 from DirtyMemes

When you see it, it’s hard to unsee

But until you’ve seen it, it’s all good. It’s the most wonderful time of the year & no one’s arguing with that. Certainly not the people behind this meme.

Or running in flip flops from DirtyMemes

Is silence at night too much to ask for?

Here you were just trying to sleep. And your neighbors just won’t stop moving furniture, running in their flip-flops, or cooking a huge pot of gravy. Except, it’s not the gravy you think it is. Or is it?

Butt from DirtyMemes

Don’t skip the important parts

What else are we going to do? Leave out the crossroads in the story? We’ve all been there.


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