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Let’s talk about sex, baby. It can be great. It can be bad. It can be mediocre. Here are some funny memes all about sex.

All the joys of awkward sex: Here are the funniest sex memes

Let’s talk about sex, baby. It can be great. It can be bad. It can be mediocre. What no one tells you when talking about the birds and the bees is how freaking awkward sex can be sometimes. From awkward encounters to those random thoughts that pop in your head, there’s a reason why people make memes about sex. Why? Well, the internet is for porn and memes. 

So, if you want to talk about sex (baby), then lets you and me go through all the funniest sex memes on the internet. You’ll laugh. You’ll cringe. You’ll shake your head in understanding. Awkward sex, for those who like sex, is a universal constant. These six memes are some of the funniest sex memes that we could find. 

1. Sometimes you just gotta wonder

Listen, sometimes you’ll have sex so wild and nasty, you’re just going to wonder about your immortal soul. And that’s okay.

2. Sex shouldn’t have to come with a complicated instruction manual

Going through the Kama Sutra is fine, but, like, also don’t make sex into some kind of Ikea instruction manual. That helps no one. Unless you’re into it. No kink-shaming here.

3. There should be a website for this

You know the website ‘does the dog die’, there should be one about sex scenes and how awkward you’ll feel about watching them in a semi-public setting.

4. The awkward moment that we all feel in our souls

Every child knows that soul rendering feeling of awkwardness when there’s a sex scene in a movie and your parents are in the room.

5. The grand question for the ages

Masturbation! Are you doing it because you’re horny or just bored? The real question of COVID-19 quarantine for the ages.

6. Get better at that dirty talk, fellas

There are different ways of dirty talk without calling someone a slut. Unless they’re into that, but, like, try and be more creative.

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