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For those of you need your uwu’s or cringe a bit whenever you hear anyone go “hewwo”, here are some furry memes.

Get your uwu’s ready for these furry memes

Let’s talk about furries for a minute, shall we? And if you don’t know what a furry is, then clearly, you haven’t been on the internet for very long. A furry is a person who is interested in anthropomorphic animal characters on some level. Though how deeply that goes is still debated within the furry fandom. Either way, the furries are the weird kids of the internet, even if furry memes are kind of funny.

Why do people feel the need to go after furries? That’s a long social discourse to get into in an article about the funniest furry memes we can find on the internet. Basically, it boils down to that most people don’t get furries. Even furries don’t really seem to get their fandom. And it’s all just a big confusing mess of things that the internet, frankly, doesn’t really know how to handle. 

So for those of you need your uwu’s or cringe a bit whenever you hear anyone go “hewwo”, here are some furry memes to leave you laughing or wincing. It’s a complicated world out there. But between Beastars and Zootopia perhaps the furry fandom is rising. 

1. Nick Wilde is a complicated subject

Listen Nick Wilde from Zootopia probably caused a lot of people to have a crush. And like Simba in The Lion King before him, people are now wondering if this means they’re a furry. The answer is . . . maybe. You feel that with your heart.

2. Being in the furry closet in a hard place

So you have furry memes saved on your phone, but you’re worried that your friends will think you need Jesus after. All in all, this is why conventions exist and just, you know, figure out how to make a fursuit and go to a furry convention. Then you’ll have other friends to send furry memes too. Problem solved.

3. Speak to your kids about furries, parents

At what age do you explain to your child that furries exist? Frankly, we don’t know the answer either. But if your kid wants to pet someone in a fursuit, just make sure that this person isn’t going to make it weird. Not that furries are like that, but, again, it’s a complicated subculture.

4. This. This is the moment you realize you need to start dating again

Listen, listen, Zootopia brought up a lot of complicated feelings in all of us, whether you identify as a furry or not. But, but, this tiger does look like he will treat us right. Honestly, this says more about the state for the men in the dating pool than anything else in the world. 

5. The ancient rivalry

Furries vs weeaboos, it’s a rivalry as old as the internet. In the corner, you can see other people, burying their faces in their hands and screaming because dear God when will it end. We’re all dying a bit of second-hand embarrassment here. 

6. Time to die, I guess

You hit send on the furry meme to the regular group chat. It’s too late to delete. God and the squad has seen what you send. You see several people typing at once as you feel your soul leave your body to ascend to another plane of existence. Oh boy, you’re either going to get roasted or learn your friends are all furries. Either way, buckle up, buttercup. 

7. Yikes, Cats

Ah Cats, you ended 2019 and heralded the start of the Apocalypse. Your anthropomorphic cats were so bad that even furries were like “You know what? We good here.” Even still, we have to use the furry memes to roast them all. It’s the kind of world we lived in.

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