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Bad things have popped up a lot around those involved with 'Glee' and its cast. Here's everything we know about the alleged "curse".

Is the show ‘Glee’ cursed? A look at the tragic past of the cast

Let’s get something clear. The cast of Glee isn’t cursed. Yes, there are tragedies abound within a very short time frame for the cast of Glee. But that doesn’t mean that supernatural forces are involved in either tragic events or people’s bad choices. Now, granted, it’s unsurprising that people’s conspiracy brains are in high gear right now. Bad things have popped up a lot around those involved with Glee.

With Naya Rivera still missing, presumed dead in California, jokes about Glee being cursed have turned more serious and conspiratorial. After all, as humans, we like patterns and connections. And there has to be on here, right? For many stories of curses in Hollywood, however, they tend to be connected to horror movies rather than a series about show choir. 

To be fair, the Glee cast tends to have tragedy around more than most young casts out there. Tragedy, scandal, poor decisions, it all just seems to come out over the years. More recently, fans are left wondering just what was going on behind closed doors of the series over the six seasons of Glee.

Still, even with the rumors and whispers of a Glee cast curse, we still need to remember that Naya Rivera has a family who loves her and who want her home, no matter what ended up happening. It’s a tragedy that she is, more than likely, dead from a horrific accident and her family is grieving her loss as divers scour Lake Piru in order to recover her body.

The Glee cast is no stranger to tragedy. On July 13, it will mark seven years since Glee star Cory Monteith died of a drug overdose in a hotel in Vancouver. Monteith had relapsed and was candid about his previous struggles with addiction in interviews over the years. The tragedy looms large over the Glee cast and fandom. Monteith was well-liked and known for being a hard-worker and kind to fans. 

Even years later, Monteith is remembered fondly by those who knew and worked with him during his brief acting career. 

After that, Mark Salling, who played Puck on Glee, was arrested on charges of child pornography. He pled guilty to the charges of possession of child pornography and faced up to four to seven years in prison for it. Salling, however, committed suicide before his sentencing. 

Arrestable offenses, accidental overdoses, accidental deaths, there are a lot of reasons why things keep happening to members of the Glee cast. A curse, however, is a convenient out for the choices that people made though. Especially since, looking at the careers and lives of other cast members, they seem to be doing pretty well for themselves.

At this time, all we can hope is that Rivera’s family finds closure in this horrific tragedy and that her body can be recovered. Perpetuating this idea of a curse on the Glee cast, however, detracts from this event.

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