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If you want to enter a contest to get reads from real agents for your screenwriting then you’ll want to enter the Great American Script Contest.

Here’s why you’ll want to enter the Great American Script Contest

You probably realized that we’re dedicated to helping the new voices of our generation find their outlet. If you’re a screenwriter you could do a lot worse than entering the Great American Script Contest.

The Great American Script Contest is a prize that’s dedicated to enriching your connections. The winning scripts are read by managers at Circle of Confusion, Innovative Artists, Kaplan/Perrone and many more great industry names. The Reality Show Winners are pitched to Indigo Films, Joke Productions, and Brian Graden Media.

If you want to enter a contest to get real reads from REAL agents then you’ll want to enter the Great American Script Contest. They promise they won’t “put your scripts up on pitch sites hoping someone bites” The agents who read your scripts when you enter the Great American Script Contest are long time associates who trust the Great American Script Contest to bring them great content.

Enter by March 24th to take advantage of the last discounted deadline. 

We were thrilled to sit down with director Brent Kado to chat about the Great American Script Contest, the industry as a whole and his creative journey.

Tell us about the history of this prize. How did you start your journey?

After running a couple film festivals and working in the industry as a filmmaker and producer, we saw a real need for a contest that actually connected writers with agents and managers. There are so many contests out there with false promises or misleading language.

What other film events were your prize inspired by?

Our film fests. Alumni kept telling us we needed a script contest.

What was the one movie you saw that made you want to go into a career in film?

In my adult life, I specifically remember Trainspotting and Friday.

Why should people enter the prize?

Winners get read by agents and managers at the top agencies.

What have been your greatest successes with the contest?

The script contest is fairly new. But keeping in touch with our winners and semi-finalists on their journey is wonderful. We’ve seen so much success on the film festival side. Everything from short films being made into features that get top distribution, features getting to Netflix to premiering an Oscar-nominated film.

What tips do you have for new screenwriters?

Find good advice. There is too much information out there from so-called experts that is just a sales pitch for their organization. I see that often with groups in Chicago, but it’s in LA too.

What part of screenwriting do you geek out about the most?

Building the world.

What’s been your biggest failure?

I try to be a glass “half full” kind of person, So I never consider any failure too big.

If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life what would it be?

One of my own!

Do you run any other projects we need to know about?

We run the Chicago Comedy Film Festival and LA Comedy Film Festival.

What’s your core prize mission? 

Our core mission would be to help advance a screenwriter’s career.

What’s the five-year plan for the prize?

Build out more workshops, retreats and development labs.

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