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'Grey’s Anatomy' has been on the airwaves for nearly two decades. Here are five of our favorite sex scenes from the show.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: The hottest sex scenes in the entire series

Grey’s Anatomy has been on the airwaves for nearly two decades. Over those many, many seasons of television, we’ve seen some highs and lows for the characters of Seattle Grace Hospital. Unsurprisingly, a lot of these scenes also took on a more intimate turn. For those of you who remember the buzz around the early days of Grey’s Anatomy, people went wild over the sex scenes.

McDreamy, McSteamy, it was a whole smorgasbord of McSexiness running around in Grey’s Anatomy. With almost two decades of television, mixed with a multitude of pairings over the years, what are the best sex scenes in Grey’s Anatomy? Well we’ve taken a long hard look over the years, here are five of our favorite moments that will get you all twitterpated.

Take your pants off, man!

Alex (Justin Chambers) and Izzie (Katherine Heigel) were just hook-up buddies before we all got swept up in their fairytale romance. Back in season two of Grey’s Anatomy, there was a bomb scare in the hospital. One of what was many over the years, it’s really amazing what went on in Seattle Grace. Anyway, Izzie goes to Karev and drops the best pick-up line we’ve ever heard.

“I haven’t had sex in eight months and 12 days. I’m horny, I’m half-naked, and I’m saying yes. Do you want to stand there and talk metaphors or do you want to literally take off your pants?” He took off his pants and a very hot sex scene was born. All because of a bomb scare, talk about evaluating your priorities. 

Sexytimes in the exam room

Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) are the ship to end all ships in the world of Grey’s Anatomy. There have been plenty of steamy scenes over the years between the couple. Do we even need to talk about the pilot episode? Yowza. But one of our personal favorites takes place in the episode “Losing My Religion”.

While on dates with other people, Meredith and Derek had some serious eye sex with each other. Then they snuck away to have a very hot sex scene in the exam room. On top of this, it was prom night at the hospital. So that was definitely getting some cliches seriously nailed. You know, in addition to each other. Hey-oh!

Break-up sex

On the opposite end of the spectrum in the land of the Meredith and Derek’s romance, there was the break-up sex scene in the season four premiere. Break-up sex, make-up sex, I just can’t quit you sex, this couple has done it all. Yes, it’s a heartbreaking moment and deeply emotional. Of course, it’s a great sex scene in terms of the chemistry between Pompeo and Dempsey.

But it’s also a little bit funny because they keep telling each other it’s break-up sex while they’re having sex with each other. You really need to stop chanting that while you’re in the middle of a sex scene. It just gets a bit funny in hindsight.

Shower sex! Shower sex!

Shower sex isn’t very practical in real life, but damn if it isn’t hot. Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) and Callie (Sara Ramirez) had some seriously steamy shower sex back in season six. Of course, it’s gets ruined when Lexie (Chyler Leigh) walks in on them getting steamy in the shower, but what’s a shower sex scene without an interrupting, right?

Plus, it’s nice to visit the happier moments of the pair’s relationship. Prior to it just crashing and burning in an epic meltdown. Yikes, this scene will definitely make you nostalgic for happier times between the pair.

Wow, they really liked their shower sex scenes, huh?

Lexie was clearly inspired by what she saw with Arizona and Callie. While Lexie is trying to get over Mark (Eric Dane), she has plenty of steamy scenes with Avery (Jesse Williams). One particularly hot sex scene takes place, where else, a shower. Like Lexie did the season previous, April (Sarah Drew) walked in on the pair having shower sex.

Grey’s Anatomy really likes seeing shower sex scenes get interrupted, huh? Still hot though.

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