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Habits 365, New York City-based apparel company is making an ambitious foray into the $400bn millennial clothing market. Here's what we know.

New York’s Habits 365 is disrupting the modern apparel industry

Habits 365, New York City-based apparel company is making an ambitious foray into the $400bn millennial clothing market. The company plans to double its eCommerce offerings. Habits 365 also works across the supply chain to build and ensure customer confidence by increasing declarations of special treatments and attention to detail that further pioneers its exclusive traceability. In short, Habits 365 not only respects its brand DNA, it lives it.

The constant supply of well-thought apparel and related products have enabled both the brand and the designers behind the brand to enhance their designs with color, bringing variety and inspiring modified collections to their clients on a global scale.

Habits 365 was created in August 2017 by Eli and Spencer Zied. Eli, now a 17-year old senior in high school, and Spencer, a 20-year old junior in college, wanted to create a brand that spoke to people on a personal level about how to achieve success. They were inspired by the idea of creating not just a brand, but a movement that could help people reach their personal lifestyle goals. 

Habits 365 encourages positive habits, 365 days a year. Wearing its comfortable and stylish clothing reminds people to practice positive habits in order to achieve their full potential. You are your habits, and your habits will determine your success.

Since launching Habits 365, Zied has become close to several NFL and NBA athletes, people who can personally relate to the importance of setting great habits to achieve career success. Among the biggest names who’ve worn Habits 365 gear are Dwyane Wade, Russell Wilson, Landon Collins, Cameron Jordan, Kam Chancellor, Tyrann Mathieu, Floyd Mayweather, and Andre Drummond. In the music industry, Habits 365 has scored a hit with rappers who include DaBaby, Lil Baby, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, and Jay Critch.

The fashion industry is very competitive but Habits 365 is a brand with no competition. They believe in their brand so much that it speaks for itself through celebrities, influencers, and supportive customers.

For more information visit Habits 365 website, and make sure you follow them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

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