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Hair transplant, which has been among the most popular surgical procedures in recent years. How much does it cost?

How much does a hair transplant cost? Things you should know before the procedure

Hair transplant, which has been among the most popular surgical procedures in recent years, is preferred by millions of people. There are certain things that people who want to have a hair transplant need to know before the hair transplant operation. 

These are possible things that you will need to experience during and after the hair transplant treatment process. It should not be forgotten that knowing the procedures to be done before hair transplant is as important as after these procedures. Turkey is one of the most preferred countries for hair transplant in the world.

Those who have hair loss, those with certain diseases in their hair and those who have baldness need hair transplant procedures. Over time, people lose their self-confidence due to hair loss and research hair transplant procedures in this process. 

Hair transplant procedures are among the most important surgical procedures that should be carried out with care. In this process, you should carefully investigate the procedures to be applied to your head area before hair transplant treatment.

New technologies have been used in hair transplant over the years and procedures are applied in a way that will hurt people the least. Now Hair Time, which provides hair transplant service with its equipped and latest technology devices in Istanbul, informs its valuable visitors before hair transplant.

What is a hair transplant?

In hair transplant procedures, healthy hair follicles of the person to be transplanted are taken. After the hair follicles are harvested, they are transplanted to the area with hair loss or baldness. In this way, we can perform the hair transplant procedures on our esteemed visitors in the shortest and most accurate way. 

Although these operations seem simple as it seems, they are procedures that require a great deal of attention. Hair follicles to be taken from the donor area are considered very careful procedures in this process and therefore the right clinics should be preferred.

The Importance of the Clinic for Hair Transplant

Turkey has also become popular with widespread hair transplant clinics. While the increase in clinics caused the prices to decrease in the hair transplant market, it turned out to be good news for people who want to have hair transplant.

When you decide that you want to have a hair transplant, we recommend that you seriously research your clinic and have this very important surgical operation performed in the best clinic.

The Importance of the Doctor Who Will Perform Hair transplant

As in every occupation, there are also the best in hair transplant. In this process, you should leave the work to the experts and choose your hair transplant specialist correctly.

Hair transplant procedures are costly jobs and you will not have any problems if you choose your specialist well.

Things to Do Before Hair Transplant

The questions you should ask before having a hair transplant will be as follows: hair transplant price in Turkey, best hair transplant clinic in Turkey.

Hair transplant prices show much variation in Turkey and you will need to continue necessary research in this direction. The best hair transplant clinic will be located in Turkey is Now Hair Time.

  •     The patient who has decided to have a hair transplant should not drink alcohol in the last week.
  •     Aspirin etc. the use of such pills should be stopped.
  •     During the day when hair transplant is expected, spray, jelly, etc. should not be applied.
  •     If the person has a serious illness and is on continuous medication, he should inform his/ her specialist.
  •     Before going to the hair transplant operation, the patient should wash his/her hair.
  •     The person who decides to have a hair transplant should quit smoking a week before the transplant.
  •     After hair transplant, caffeinated beverage types should not be consumed.



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