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Like any other scene in the movie, a sex scene tells a story and brings us forward in the plot. Here are the hottest movie sex scenes.

Here are all the hottest movie sex scenes ever

It might not seem like an on-screen sex scene is very difficult to pull off but we beg to differ considering the technical logistics & sexual chemistry required. Bad sex scenes are definitely memorable but the good ones – or rather the hot ones – are the parts of the movie we never forget. 

Like any other scene in the movie, a sex scene tells a story and brings us forward in the plot. The best ones also light a fire with the spark between the two (and sometimes more) actors. These are the moments in the theater where we forget where we are only to find ourselves not a little flushed at the next scene transition. If you’re looking to for the hottest movie sex scenes, here’s a list for your pleasure. 

All the Bright Places

All the Bright Places is young adult romance that takes on a heavier message about mental health. The film’s lead actors, Justice Smith & Elle Fanning share a sweet on-screen chemistry that translates well into their more intimate moments. One scene that encapsulates their romance is the tender but passionate night they spend in the train car. 


It took a while for the lead actresses, Cate Blanchett & Rooney Mara to consummate their love in Carol but when they did it was worth the wait. The sex scene is a relief from the mounting sexual tension that has to be repressed into stolen glances, reflecting the taboo nature of same-sex love during the 50s. 

Meet Joe Black 

The sex scene in Meet Joe Black stands out in Brad Pitt’s repertoire of on-screen love-making as one of the most tender & sincere. Pitt plays the character of Death personified and when he finally consummates his love with a mortal he has his very first sexual experience. The closeups on Pitt as he gives into his carnal desires are enough to make anyone blush.


Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman is one of the sexiest feel-good movies of the 90s. We get plenty of tantalizing shots of Richard Gere & Julia Roberts in bed together but the best sex-scene in this film involves a piano. The scene shows Gere lifting Roberts onto the grand piano he just finished playing and the two get down to business – right there in that hotel ballroom. 

Y tu mamá también

The hottest three way sex scene can be found in the Spanish-language film Y tu mamá también. The scene plays out between the two teenage male protagonists played by Diego Luna & Gael Garcia Bernal and the older woman they lust after portrayed by Maribel Verdu. The scene culminates in wild sensuality between the two boys & Verdu then takes a turn when Luna & Bernal engage in a steamy make out session. 

Risky Business

Here’s another sex scene that amps up the voyeuristic heat when Tom Cruise & Rebecca DeMornay have sex on an empty train. The scene builds from the couple’s initial flirting to getting more & more daring as the train car slowly empties. The two finally let loose when the last person has left the car and we see the scene unfold in the dim, underground lighting. 

Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing was the sexual awakening film of a generation. The love scene between Patrick Swayze & Jennifer Grey might be tamer than some more explicit sex scenes but it’s one of the hottest ones on this list. Swayze & Grey slowly shrugging off all of their clothes then running their hands over every inch of the other’s body transcends the need for anymore graphic content. 

Queen & Slim 

The road crime romantic drama, Queen & Slim portrayed an intriguing love scene between the two leads, Daniel Kaluuya & Jodie Turner-Smith. The couple make love in a car while on the run and Kaluuya and Turner-Smith bring to the screen some intense chemistry. Queen & Slim also intercuts the sex scene with a protest that turns violent. 


The library sex scene in Atonement brings together Kiera Knightley & James McAvoy in unbridled lust. A strong sexual tension between the on-screen couple grows into a crescendo that culminates into a passionate tryst up against a bookshelf. The scene is set off by Knightley’s iconic green dress that we will forever associate with this hot but ultimately tragic sexual encounter.

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