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How Filmmaking is lLinked to the gaming industry

The links between film-making and the gaming industry are stronger than ever before. While both of these areas are incredibly popular with millions of people, they felt very distant in the past and were often aimed at completely different customers.

Right now, though, it feels as though the gaming industry is taking some of the best movie-making ideas and using them to produce more exciting and attractive games. What are the key areas in which this is happening?

The Casino Experience is Now More Cinematic

Online casino games have been around for a few years now. It used to be that they were simple, 2D efforts with basic sounds and images that were a million miles from looking like movies. However, if you haven’t played any of them in a while then you might not be fully aware of how cinematic the casino experience has now become.

A good example of the new trend comes with the 3D live casino launched by Mr Green early in 2018. Called Live Beyond Live, this casino uses blue screen technology for an immersive experience. The gaming operator even hinted at moving the action to different locations in the future.

Games Now Rely on More Coherent Plots and Characters

Video games have always had some sort of plot, often together with an attempt at creating character backgrounds. After all, even Super Mario Bros has a story about why we have to guide our hero through a series of challenges on the screen.

People have even attempted to provide some sort of background to simple arcade classics such as Pac-Man. Yet, these plots were often pretty flimsy and never really added much to the overall gaming experience. These games remained little more than enjoyable romps with nothing resembling a strong story or character development.

More recent games have shown a strong tendency to immerse their players in a movie-like universe. For instance, Heavy Rain is an interactive adventure that has the player trying to track down a killer. Then there are intense, plot-driven games such as L.A. Noire, Uncharted 2, and God of War III.

Games That Are Based on Movies

The most obvious link between video games and movies comes with the films that find their way onto PC screens and consoles. There are many titles of this type, going all the way back to the ill-fated ET Atari game that was apparently so bad that it was buried in the New Mexico desert.

More successful hook-ups have seen cinema classics such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, James Bond, Batman and many others turned into games. Overall, the results have been mixed but there is no denying the appeal of playing the parts of our favorite characters.

As long as people love both movies and games, there will always be a close link between the two industries. The thrill of being able to control characters that we have watched on-screen and alter the plot with our actions is something that is unlikely to ever go away.

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