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Politics & controversy go hand in hand like peanut butter & jelly. Here are all the best dark humor jokes about Hunter Biden.

Like bleak humor? Here are all the best dark Hunter Biden jokes

Politics & controversy go hand in hand like peanut butter & jelly. So when the New York Post broke a story last month claiming Hunter Biden arranged private meetings via email between his father, former VP Joe Biden, and high-ranking Ukrainian officials, people thought it was a hoax. 

Then . . . A mysterious laptop turned up in a repair shop linked to some shady emails about the alleged deal. The laptop’s discovery made the email allegations more likely to be authentic.   

While President Donald Trump is still looking to find evidence of corruption from Hunter Biden, the Internet decided not to think about it too much. Instead, they used the photos released from said laptop to make awful, dark humor memes. In case you needed a laugh at the expense of Hunter Biden today, here’s a look at the best memes. 

Probably not the best first order

Half the country already thinks your son’s guilty as can be Joe. Save that pardon for Joe Exotic. 

Where’s the crappy bachelor pad selfie?

Seriously, quarantine is not doing either of these guys any favors. 

Just a forgetful father

How was Joe Biden supposed to know his son was serving on Burisma’s board for several years while he was VP?

Name dropping of the bad variety

We too were under the influence trying to forget that debate. 

Bad timing guys

Just steal it back like any other attorney would, rather than admitting it’s actually Hunter’s. 

Why does he deserve so much money?

Seriously, why does this guy deserve such a well paying job when all he did was be born to a politician? 

Really bad timing there Hunter

We’re not gonna sit here and blame him for struggling during his addiction, but Hunter Biden needs to stop acting like his name didn’t buy him most of his privileges in life. 

Never even heard of Ukraine

When Hunter Biden denied any corruption through his work with Burisma, it felt exactly like the first speech Bill Clinton gave when he denied sleeping with Monica Lewinsky.


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