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The independent documentary film 'I Chose Life' is opening up the conversation around suicide. Here's why you should pay attention.

Here’s why ‘I Chose Life’ is a documentary film worth watching

The independent documentary film I Chose Life is opening up the conversation around suicide, a subject that is only made worse when it’s ignored. Rising filmmaker Jacqui Blue is no stranger to complicated topics and gracefully opens the doors to a discussion about depression and mental health. 

With an approach that is always respectful and empathetic, Jacqui Blue brings a voice to the silence around suicide in the impactful film, I Chose Life

I Chose Life

Choosing to live can be a momentous decision. When those who are overwhelmed with depression and loneliness in their everyday life feel that they have nothing left to live for, they may feel that there is nowhere to turn. I Chose Life puts a voice to all of that pain in a unique way.

Originally approached to make a documentary about the film, The Last Train, Jacqui Blue soon found a feature-length documentary around the topic of suicide was calling to her. Anthony, whose screenplay for The Last Train was based on his own story of attempting to take his own life in front of a subway train, is featured in I Chose Life.

As Jacqui Blue explored the topic, she found stories of suicide that touched everyone. Actor Jared Padalecki (Supernatural) lost two friends to suicide and had his own struggles with depression. He started a campaign around suicide prevention titled “Always Keep Fighting” that is also featured in I Chose Life

Jacqui Blue’s I Chose Life travels throughout history to discuss the current mental health crisis where suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among America’s youth. Touching on subjects around mental health that range from nutrition to military service, I Chose Life is a thorough investigation of the challenges surrounding mental health in America. 

Jacqui Blue

Jacqui Blue’s path to becoming a filmmaker has been arduous at times. With a lifelong background in theater and writing, it wasn’t until she left an abusive marriage that she put herself through film school, moved across the country and made her first film, 2014’s Beautiful Births

One of 10 Directors selected by James Franco for his Master Class, Sex Scenes where Jacqui Blue directed, produced and edited a short raunch comedy. She went on to work with Jared Padalecki & T.O.N.E-z in her suicide awareness documentary, I Chose Life.

In 2016 T.O.N.E-z hired her to co-write, direct and edit a passion project of his. In 2019 she was invited to be a judge on the Directing Change Suicide Prevention panel after another director nominated her due to her work with tackling the suicide crisis in the I Chose Life documentary. 

I Chose Life has a personal element for Jacqui Blue

Jacqui Blue has faced her own personal challenges surrounding mental health. As the stepdaughter of a Vietnam War veteran, she saw firsthand the effect combat had on her family. Blue had experienced her own struggles with depression, suicide ideation, and even attempted to take her own life at a younger age. 

I Chose Life is both a personal and professional passion project for Jacqui Blue and her commitment to the subject is evident throughout the documentary. Fully immersed in each of her projects, Jacqui Blue has served as director, writer, editor, and producer in her previous works, including Sed, Love & Other Lies, and Burden of Proof.

To keep up with Jacqui Blue’s latest works, you can follow her on Instagram and IMDB. You can also follow I Chose Life on Facebook.

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