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Instagram, owned by Facebook, is now one of the most sought after social media platforms. Here are the top filmmaking influencers.

15 top filmmaking influencers on Instagram to follow

Instagram, owned by Facebook, is now one of the most sought after social media platforms. So almost all brands are fully active on this network marketing their products/services.

Also, influencer marketing is really lucrative on Instagram. So many people are working day and night to increase their followers and become influencers. Social Tradia provides you with good information in this regard.

Among all niches on Instagram like style, fashion, fitness, and food, the film industry has also avid followers and influencers.

Despite movie stars and celebrities, influencers are some niche experts or even regular social users who have gained fame using content generation.

Instagram is a great platform for these influencers because of several fantastic video marketing features like Live, IGTV, and also regular posts and stories.

If you’re a fan, you can read this post to know several well-known Instagram accounts related to this niche. This can help you to earn useful information about cinema, celebrities, and many other details of the film industry.


Jon Favreau is definitely is one of the most famous influencers on Instagram. He has more than a whopping 2.2 million followers on Instagram and has introduced himself as an actor, writer, and director. 

The Jungle Book, The Avengers, the Iron Man franchise, Elf, and Chef are just some of his activities in the last two decades. It has a must-follow account on Instagram and you can also learn many things using his site.


Color Palette Cinema is a simple and genius account on Instagram with more than 1.2 million followers. As it comes from the name, this account reminds you of beautiful films and their mesmerizing color palettes. 

This is a really focused account compared to other Instagram accounts and you learn many things about the psychological effects of colors in stories.


Cinematography is another informative Instagram account related to the film industry gathering more than 660,000 followers. If you want to constantly watch fantastic scenes from different movies, you must follow this account.


Filmmakers World is a community for all film lovers and has gained more than 650,000 Instagram followers. This is a great place for the film industry insiders owned by Ema Giannini and Ross Benedetto. They have posted more than 3,000 content as regular posts and stories. Filmmakers World has thousands of subscribers on YouTube and can provide you with much useful information about the film industry.

If you want to be familiar with all the crazy camera rigs and setups, you must follow Film Up on Instagram. It’s a platform for filmmakers with more than 370,000 followers.


American Film Institute wants to educate and inspire more than 260,000 young filmmakers who have followed it. You can find about 2,000 informative posts related to the film industry on this account.


Eli Roth is another film influencer on Instagram with more than 260,000 followers. He’s the director of talkies and the co-founders of CryptTV. You can learn many things from his 1,500 posts and enjoy them. You can also follow his works on Twitter and Snapchat.


Studio Binder is an application useful for filmmakers to manage their film’s project efficiently. Its Instagram account has more than 210,000 followers. This is a perfect place for young filmmakers to learn and improve their project management skills.


Film Independent is a non-profit organization supporting the indie film industry as one of the greatest film industries in the world. Its Instagram account has more than 180,000 followers who are willing to watch screenings, educating programs, and much other informative content. It’s a must-follow account, especially for youngsters who want to be supported in their projects.


ANTI CGI is a perfect account for special effects with more than 91,000 followers. If you’re a fan, you can learn many things from up to 10,000 posts on this account. You can’t easily find a better account in this field.


FILM CRUX wants to help you make better films. With more than 40,000 followers on Instagram and 13,000 subscribers on Youtube, this is a professional group in sound design. Try to learn their useful tips in this regard and improve your film quality.


Blake Ridder is another filmmaking influencer on Instagram with more than 21,000 followers. He has posted more than 600 informative content on Instagram covering many different aspects of this industry. He is also the founder of RidderFilms and usually reviews films.


Art Departmental is owned by Rose Lagace and is a growing Instagram account related to the film industry. They celebrate Film & TV and have a production design website. If you want to learn about them, you must visit their site and follow their account.


Strange harbors are a growing account on Instagram with an informative website related to film, television, comics, culture, and podcasts.


Frank Anthony is also a filmmaking influencer on Instagram. Although he has only 1,500 followers, his account is a must-see profile with a lot of beautiful photographs and clips.

Final word

We tried to introduce several famous accounts on Instagram who are broadcasting creative content related to the film industry. Since this is an ever-changing field, you need to keep up with new tends to know the most recent news. So try to search for other aspects of the film industry and its influencers on Instagram or even other alternative platforms.

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