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What steps should artists take to make effective use of the Instagram platform for marketing? Here's our guide.

An artist’s step by step guide to Instagram marketing

Musicians, actors, models, poets, and television personalities all belong to that club of people collectively called artists. All of them without exception, thrive on that one word, ‘recognition’. In their world, you are a nobody if you are not recognized. 

An artist needs recognition from fans, from promoters, and from the world at large. Granted, one needs to have talent, to have skill, to be creative in order to make headway in their endeavors. However, ability alone is not enough. Moreso, in this modern world of cutthroat competition. 

An artist now more than ever needs to promote themselves to the outside world. To make themselves known. Tell the world what they have to offer. Tell the world why they think they are the best in the field. One great way of doing this is to buy Instagram accounts.

In short, artists need to market themselves. Now two decades into the twenty-first century, there is a marketing tool all waiting and ready for anyone smart enough to recognize its immense potential. That marketing tool is social media. This article focuses on one particular platform of social media, Instagram. How can artists use it?

What steps should artists take to make effective use of the Instagram platform to market themselves? 

Create a business account

That’s the logical first step. Whether you are a musician wishing to promote your music and connect with anyone around the world, or an actor wishing to impress producers, or a poet trying to catch the ear of a publisher, you need Instagram. 

To use Instagram, it is important that you open or create a business account. If one holds a personal account it is a simple matter of switching to a business account by adding special features like direct touch buttons.  

A clear concise bio 

The bio is letting your audience know who you are, and where you are going. So the language used should be interesting. The bio is telling the world and your fans a story about your unique talents. 

Know your fanbase

Your fanbase is your audience. You want to know who this is before you start posting content. It is a waste of time and effort to just post randomly on your site. If you are a musician for example, identify the age group, sex, and the habits of the people who are likely to listen to the music you play. Jazz, reggae, soul, or rap music appeal to different age groups.  

There are different age groups active on Instagram on different days of the week and at different times of the day. If you are an aspiring poet, you want to know the likely age of publishers. If you are an aspiring actress, you want to know the habits of theater directors, casting directors, and so on

Posting the content

When it comes to posting the content, different categories of artists will of necessity have to do things differently. Below are guidelines different artists could follow;


Actors and aspiring actors post different content. They are not trying to catch the eye of fans, as musicians do, but they want to catch the eye of casting directors, theatre directors, and established actors who might take notice and recommend them. 

This is not to say an actress should completely ignore her fanbase. Movie houses are interested in actors following because it is those fans who will pay to watch the films the actor or actress features on.


A musician has to know the audience from which the fanbase is. A Jazz musician targets the older people whilst a hip hop artist targets the youth. The two different age groups are active on Instagram on different days and at different times. The artist should know all this information.

Careful thought should go into the actual content. Instagram is primarily a visual medium. It uses videos and photos with captions. Good videos can be shot with a cellphone handset. Videos can be of a live performance, rehearsals or the artists talking about themselves. 

The musician could shoot short videos giving lessons on how to play instruments, or explaining the meaning of lyrics, or explaining how they got the inspiration to compose a particular song. They could even display how they set up their gear.

It’s important for the aspiring musician to engage and communicate with fans. Ask the fans about their comments and opinions. Learn their interests, know and understand what they like and not dislike. 

This provides a guiding handle on the future route the musician can take. The emails from fans should always be replied to. Learn how to email fans and to reply to their queries. This creates a family of followers.

When posting photos, make sure they are appropriate to the genre you play. A Jazz player wearing jeans? No ways! And the captions accompanying the photos have to be original and captivating.

Instagram marketing for artists is therefore not as hard as one might think. Why not try Accfarm, a perfect place to buy social media accounts. This will help boost your marketing strategy.

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