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Not sure what movie to watch? Here are the top five best Iranian movies to watch during your next date night.

Top 5 best Iranian movies to watch on a date night

The prospect of bringing exciting new people into your life is one of the key reasons for signing up for a dating platform. Getting to know other singles is so straightforward – you register, you start browsing through profiles on different dating websites. After striking up a rapport you’ll start making suggestions for date nights.

Movie nights are always popular, but if one or you is Iranian, does that make the choice more difficult? No way. There are many fabulous Iranian films ideal for a romantic night together and here are our top 5.

Adam’s Son Eve’s Daughter (2010) 

This successful rom-com, directed by Rambod Javan, has been translated into over 20 languages, from English to Arabic, Hindi to Turkish, but its themes are universally identifiable. Perfect for your romantic night in front of the screen!

Starring Mahnaz Afshar, Rambod Javan, and Hamed Komeili, the plot centers around two young lawyers, Mina and Farhood, who are inadvertently forced to share an office at an early point in their careers. Are there sparks of chemistry? Of course not, this is a comedy! Each tries outwitting the other to get sole custody of the office by winning the case both are working on. 

A Hat for Barat (2007) 

Masoud Navabi’s comedy-drama is a short-ish, but arresting feature to keep you enthralled on your date night. This is all about the lengths some people will go to attract the attention of the singles they are interested in getting to know better. In this case, one of the lead characters, Baran, hires Ebi In, so he can interest Pirooz, with marriage in mind. There are enough twists and turns within this basic plotline, including a robbery! 

40 and Single (2015) 

Director Shahim Babapoor’s romantic comedy has shades of the hit US film 40 Year Old Virgin, although this Iranian take on the subject is less bawdy, but equally laughter-inspiring.

Starring Mahaya Petrossian, Mehran Ghadfoorian, Sirous Goriestani, and Majid Salehi, we follow a 40-year-old single man who is narrating the life of a doctor the same age, who has a degree in her field of expertise and seems to have the world at her feet but is facing the age-old dilemma of being unlucky in love.

Through the narrator’s eyes, we sympathize with this character coping with the issues thrown in her way as she seeks a spouse.

Bandar Abbas (2015)

Set in a port on the Persian Gulf, Behrouz is a train host who works the transportation line running between the capital city, Tehran, to Bandar Abbas. All seems to be running smoothly, if a little mundanely, until he arrives at the port station one day.

Here something happens that will have a profound influence on the course of his life. To give much more away would hamper your chances of fully enjoying the delightful rom-com, also directed by Shahin Babapoor.

Cease Fire (2006) 

This gem of a film was written and directed by Tahmineh Milani, starring Mohammed Reza Golzar and Mahnaz Afshar as married couple Yousef and Sayeh. As the action unfolds we see a lot that many of us can identify with. They seem to spend an inordinate amount of their time bickering and squabbling, each as obstinate as the other.

The outrageous situations unfolding are never quite enough to push them to the brink of divorce, but the audience can certainly feel entertained by the constant quarreling and (almost) making up. In the end, they stick together almost by accident, when Sayeh knocks on the door of a psychiatrist instead of a divorce lawyer. They realize their inner children, not the other party, was the problem all along!

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