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Fitness model Jenny Mosienko will be featured on the cover of Playboy Russia. Here's everything you need to know about her.

Fitness model Jenny Mosienko gets a cover on Russia’s Playboy

Successful fitness model Jenny Mosienko has big plans in the making and one of them is to be on the cover for Playboy magazine in Russia. The Instagram queen has 1.3 million followers and it is no surprise, for she shares body positivity with her raunchy, fitness photos on social media.

Jenny Mosienko rose to fame in 2013 when she started practicing power lifting professionally and was participating actively in competitions. After half a year of training, she reached a norm in my category and was qualified as a Candidate Master of Sports. After another half a year, Jenny was about to defend for a qualification of a Master of Sports. After that, she quit that kind of sports and moved to another one – fitness and figure competition, which became a reason for her to try becoming a fitness model.

Jenny Mosienko has always loved fitness from a young age, which is why she has always been going to the gym. After all the hard work that has paid off, she is celebrating it by posing for one of the hottest nude sessions ever with Playboy.

Playboy originated in Chicago in 1953 by Hugh Hefner. Hugh Hefner passed away in September 2017, in the playboy mansion. Playboy is an American’s lifestyle magazine that branched out to many different countries in the world and has print in their own versions. It is now available as digital copies, as well as physical prints.

However, given the recent circumstances with the COVID-19, Playboy as a company announced recently in March, that this year will be the last year that Playboy magazine will be available in print copies. It will only become available as digital copies and it will no longer be available as monthly issue formats.

When Jenny is not working hard in the gym and at photo-shoots, she loves to travel around the world. Travelling for her is seen as therapy, for it can improve her mood and she enjoys educating herself about different cultures and lifestyles,when she is in each country that she visits. She has recently visited the Philippines, Bali, Jamaica and Dubai,in order to partake in raunchy photo-shoots with the ‘influencers events’ company Pink Kiss.

Jenny was born and raised in a village in Ukraine and speaks Ukranian, Russian and English. She didn’t have an easy upbringing, which is what has taught her to always stay humble and push herself to achieve the best that she can. She also volunteers to help combat poverty and children in hunger.

The 28 year old fitness model loves to stay connected with her fans and has her own website where she connects with her fans on a personal level. She loves to play games and set out activities with them, ask questions, post photos and get to know them better.

Jenny is always active on Instagram and loves to share her photo-shoots with the world. You will also see her posing with some famous model friends and some of the locations are somewhere exotic; on a beautiful golden, sand beach and with crystal, clear blue waters. She also actively shows her workout routines at home and at the gym, in order to inspire people who admire and want the same figure as her.

There is some negativity on her social media feed, however, that is easily overlooked by the constant out pour of positivity that she receives from her fans, reminding her of her beauty, achievements and that they love her photos on her feed.

Jenny Mosienko has earned success in her modelling career and has come a long way to do so. Even though it may seem like modelling is one of the most glamorous careers in the world, it is not. You have to always consider the fact that you have to maintain a good diet, work extra hard in the gym, keep up a positive fan base, stay connected with people and work on a 24 hour clock. Jenny Mosienko so far has maintained all of that, which is why she has so many great projects ahead of her, such as being on the cover of the famous publication, Playboy magazine.

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