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Joe Biden's run for president has left him the target of many memes, so we compiled a list of all our favorites.

Need an election laugh? Here are all the best Joe Biden 2020 memes

The 2020 American election is very slowly creeping toward its close. As it stands, Biden is moving closer and closer to presidential victory. Who knows what shenanigans will ensue before the next American president is declared? Lawsuits over voter fraud are already in the works, so it could be a while before anything’s settled. 

In the meantime, have a laugh about the next potential president, Joe Biden. He himself has admitted “I am a gaffe machine. . . ” He gives the public a lot to laugh about without even trying. Even so, the internet has given you even more to laugh at. 

Joe Biden has been turned into many a meme. Some are things he, himself, has said, but the funniest Joe Biden memes are imaginary scenarios people have thought up. After having a full term as U.S. vice president, and then being the inarticulate head of a presidential campaign, the public has had plenty of time to observe & think up goofs. Here are all the best Joe Biden memes we could find.  

Hit ‘em with a point 

Joe Biden wants you to know he’s hip. 

Shrek’s without a home 

Someone wasn’t paying attention in their language arts class. 

Naughty or nice? 

Daddy’s not happy with all the bad press.

Using the Twitter strategy 

Yeah, that’ll out maneuver them Joe. Great thinking. 

C’mon, Obama

Biden has all the babes there and everything. 

Vice president or little brother? 

Maybe Biden learned if you mirror someone’s movements it helps them like you more. 

A sniffing problem 

A new flavor to sniff! Oh boy! 

A foolproof plan 

Hey, it worked really well in the movie. 

He’s gonna get those republicans real good 

Don’t ruin the fun, Obama. 

A show of solidarity 

Meme aside, what was going on here? If you’re able to tell us in the comments, you’re the real MVP. 



That’s kind of what the mask is for, man. Didn’t your mama ever teach you not to cough or sneeze on your hands? That’s like hygiene 101. 

A pre-Trump presidency conversation 

Obama’s not on board. 

Little brother Joe 

He’s gonna getcha. 

It’s like warning your friend about your crazy uncle 

Although, to be fair, we think he could’ve fit on that door too. Like, c’mon, just a little scooty scoot would have done the trick, Rose. Sheesh.

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