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From gaining stardom after his debut on 'Cold Case Files' to entering the music industry. Here's what you need to know about Jojo Tua Jams.

From ‘Cold Case Files’ to the music industry: Here’s what to know about Jojo Tua

From gaining stardom after his debut as Michael Dishon in A&E Network’s documentary drama show Cold Case Files to performing alongside John Cena at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards in 2017. 

19-year old actor, dancer, social media influencer, and singer Jojo Tua is now making waves across the globe with his latest music releases. The Silverdale-born star recently released his second single track, “Space Jams”, a few months after releasing his debut single, “Sommer Ray” in June 2020.

We recently met with Jojo Tua, talking all things music and creativity, picking his brain on where he draws inspiration from and how he keeps his impressive 113,000 Instagram followers hooked on his talents.

“Sommer Ray” and “Space Jams”, two different tracks – what’s your creative process like?

“I think if you ask any singer or musician what their creative process is like, you’ll get a different answer every time. For me, it’s taking what I have, and already completed and building onto it. “Sommer Ray” was created to be a fun, happy, and enjoyable track. From when I started recording, to finally releasing it, I constantly went back to the drawing board, rewriting lines and thinking what the people will enjoy the most.”

“Sommer Ray” was released in June 2020 and features rapper and music artist Timeline. His second single “Space Jams” dropped late August and fans are raving about Jojo’s music.

Tell us more about “Space Jams”, where did you get the inspiration from?

“Back to the drawing board again. “Space Jams” was a similar take on “Sommer Ray” but here I decided to incorporate some different elements and a personal touch from my life. I love sports, basketball, lacrosse, football, MMA, wrestling – you name it. 

I took some inspo from the sporting world, the hard work and dedication a whole team goes through to beat their opponent and finally making that winning goal. It sounds strange, but somehow this worked well, and we delivered another great track.”

Are there any artists that inspire you especially in the music industry?

“I think every artist, regardless of your genre, has amazing talents and can inspire the next generation of creatives. I must share that I’ve always been a big fan of Juice Wrld, Post Malone, Kid Laroi, Polo G. Their music resonates with a feeling of emotion, but also their capacity to create a song that combines personal events and societal issues.”

The link between Tua’s music and that of his favorite artists we easily see the comparison of hip-hop and rap surfacing in the lyrics. Tua tries to stand out, but in doing so gives a lean way to improve, and hopefully collaborate with established artists.

Who are some of your biggest fans?

“Every genre of music or movie will have a set fan basis or following. My music was created to be enjoyed by everyone, and although that might not be the case every time, younger generations are my biggest followers. 

If I look at the people that follow me on my social media profiles or share my music, the biggest portion of that will be those in the Generation Z pool. I do hope I can reach more people, not just older or different generations of listeners, but an overall diverse crowd of people from any corner of the world.”

Would you consider yourself being a representation of your generation?

“Not an easy question, as each person will have their idol or role model they would look up to, same with having something that ‘becomes’ a representing figure of their generation or time. My thoughts, ideas, music, and the content I share on my social media is more concentrated for a younger crowd. 

As a 19-year old, you try to be in the ‘now’ with trends and what the people of your age are doing. It’s good to fill your life with an abundance of things but more so being a person that can be a creative leader for your time.”

Any words on when we can expect an album release?

“Let’s just say, I’m not doing nothing, so we’ll have to wait and see what the rest of the year holds in!”

Listen to “Sommer Ray” on Apple Music or follow Jojo on Instagram.

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