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Kieran O'Brien is a twenty-year-old entrepreneur who is already the CEO of his own social media company GearedSocial.

Kieran O’Brien: 20-year-old CEO and founder of GearedSocial

Kieran O’Brien may only be twenty years old, but he’s already an entrepreneur, digital marketer, and social media expert. He is the founder of the automotive marketing company GearedSocial. The company has already been working for four years to increase revenue and build automotive brands through social media and digital advertising.

Who is Kieran O’Brien?

Kieran stepped into digital marketing when his first mentor Matt Curry asked him to run the social media campaign for his auto repair shop. The project became an obsession for Kieran he began teaching himself everything about digital marketing – a habit he continues to this day.

O’Brien decided to stick to working with automotive companies because, “I love cars. Pretty simple!” He continues to explain his career choice saying, “You can much more easily become an authority in your niche. Business owners trust people who understand their business & speak their language . . . Now, I’m seen as an industry expert by focusing on one niche.”

You can keep up with the young entrepreneur on his Instagram and LinkedIn pages. He’s greatly involved on social media, especially with his Instagram page.


GearedSocial utilizes high yield digital marketing tactics & strategies in order to help companies increase revenue via social channels most commonly used by consumers. O’Brien describes the venture this way, “There are tons of digital marketing agencies out there, and not many specialize in the aftermarket parts for automotive industries.”

This specialization has helped him to create a unique space in the marketing business. He’s trying to fill every gap he can find in the online marketing process for the automotive industry by doing everything from utilizing free downloadable PDFs for business owners to creating a social media training course.

Kieran O’Brien also encourages the use of ShopAccelerator. It’s a full-stack marketing solution for the automotive business. It combines proprietary lead generation and appointment booking software with a full marketing agency staff, all for one low-monthly retainer. There are already a number of people utilizing this platform, and O’Brien is confident it will revolutionize how auto shops generate leads and customers.

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