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Beauty, travel, fashion, and lifestyle influencer Maddie Morrison showcases her photographic talent on her popular Instagram page. Find out more here.

Maddie Morrison stands in no-one’s shadow: The life of the young Instagram influencer

Beauty, travel, fashion, and lifestyle blogger Maddie Morrison showcases her photographic talent on her popular Instagram page.   

Maddie Morrison is a young woman of 28 who has already established herself as a social media influencer with the potential to create her own brand and business. With determination to match her natural talent, she has already fostered quite a social media following and her photos never go without a substantial amount of likes. 

Inspired by the likes of Tammy Hembrow, Shani Grimmond, Ellie & Daisy O’Donnell, Sharon Alexie, and Mishti Rahman, her own work ethic and desire to use her platform to raise awareness of global issues feature prominently and her passion is evident on her platform. 

Who is the young influencer really? 

The young Instagram (@maddie_morrison) rising star with a following of almost 20,000 focuses her page on beauty, travel, fashion, and lifestyle, and she has forged strong relationships with well-known brands including Freedom Couture, Fitazfk, and Luxe Fitness and often promotes their products and services on her popular page. She is a strong believer in only supporting and promoting brands which she believes in, and hopes to use her success to support local causes. 

Her latest collaboration with Luxe Fitness sees her exploring how to stay healthy and entice viewers to view fitness as a necessary and fun way of keeping mind and body strong. She is certainly fond of being physically healthy and loves cycling when she isn’t on airplanes exploring the world. 

This love of sharing her fitness journey started with her work with an Australian-based fitness brand where she was required to follow their program and post about how she did it. Throughout the challenge and especially after, she realized that she felt and looked better and the support she received online really inspired her. 

She is an avid traveler and the various destinations she explores feature heavily on her page. She adores cities in Europe, but still retains a deep love of her home country of New Zealand where she still resides. 

Her photography award:

When Maddie was only 20 years old, she was recognized for her photographic ability at the Photographic Society of New Zealand. 

A student of the Weltec Bachelor of Creative Technologies, Maddie won the Ronald D Woolf Youth Award and had her photograph titled “Shadows” used on the face of the exhibition booklet. This is only the second time a junior photographer had ever been given the honor and in a group of 728 entries for the exhibition, she was one of eight who were selected for a Photographic Society silver award.

Her talent was evident to many at the convention and her unique way of combining photography and computer graphics set her apart from others. Still, her flair is what really made her stand out. According to Simon Woolf, an established photographer, she had captured everyone’s attention by the end of the convention and described it as a big weekend for her. 

Her interest in photography was developed at Queen Margaret College, but also nurtured by her creative parents who first bought her Photoshop on their home computer. 

How her photography manifests on her popular Instagram page:

Maddie’s Instagram page is strewn with image upon image of beautiful surroundings and the lovely Maddie herself promoting that which she believes in. 

Her photos are creative, artistic, and show a high degree of style and professionalism. There is no doubt that the woman posting them has experience and talent. 

The photos of the beautiful places she has traveled to resonates with the love she has of learning about different cultures and being able to see different places. Her pictures promoting a healthy lifestyle and chronicling her own mission to be happy with herself echoes her authenticity. 

What lies ahead? 

With unique photographs that set her apart from others and which increases her social media following, Maddie would like to start her own business and use her influence to support talented individuals surrounding her. 

With marketing and branding experience and a keen eye for constant personal development, there is little doubt that the young blogger will soon become a part of the ranks of those she admires.

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