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Education is crucial for our children’s future. Find out what Melvin Brewing & other small businesses are doing for students.

Melvin Brewing and nine other small businesses making a difference in the education space

Melvin Brewing is a food and beverage company founded in 2009 by Jeremy Tofte. The company started small behind a Thai restaurant in Jackson, Wyoming. Jeremy’s dedication to growing the company has made Melvin a signature brand in the craft beer industry. The company has had a competitive advantage over the last ten years on the other craft beer States like Oregon, California, Washington, and Illinois.

The company creates meaningful engagement with its customers and community through fair, honest, and direct Communications. The company invites the community to partner in community projects and exceptional experiences. Melvin is always in search to grow and deepen community relationships to become part of it.

How Melvin came to be

Jeremy Tofte sold his 1978 Mercedes and bought a 20-gallon sculpture system in 2010 to brew beer and some fermenters. Brew strong episodes helped Jeremy understand the brewing process better, and within a year, he had already got a 3 barrel system. By 2016 Melvin was already making 60 barrel batches with centrifuge and big shiny tanks. This has made them an award-winning beer to the extent of getting grants from Wyoming to build a production facility.

Melvin is not just about brewing beer; it provides its customers with other experiences such as the regular events it holds. The company aims to create memorable experiences for friends and families through the beer in a safe and secure environment. Some of these engagements and experiences include Cirque du Melvin’s party and T-shirt Gatling Guns.

The company has a creative team that continues to develop and create new recipes to increase the brewing process’s quality and efficiency. The company also uses excellent marketing strategies for their products and events.

Melvin is also focused on fostering a healthy lifestyle in communities. Jeremy, the owner, is a snowboarder who chased his dreams in the most prominent mountain and has continuously supported athletes and customers to embrace a healthy culture by challenging them to chase their dreams.

Support in Education space

Melvin Brewing and other small businesses have stepped in to ensure that children have a more comfortable school time. The truth is that today, not many schools can afford the extracurricular activities that are very necessary & crucial. Some students can barely afford the fee and opt to drop out. Below are some ways which Melvin Brewing & other small business are supporting education today:

Offering the schools food & drinks

These small businesses make a point of providing the schools with food and drinks. Sometimes food and beverages are used to reward the classes and students who have performed well or have improved in the studies. Food and beverages can also be provided for teachers and students in meetings. The needy students can also be supplied with them.

Offering sponsorship

These small businesses sponsor the schools with the equipment and technology they need but are scarce or unable to afford. Support is also given to the pupils by providing tutors in various fields who teach them in their free time; if the school does not have enough equipment, the small business involved chips in to ensure that they get them.

Supporting clubs & sports

Many types of equipment are needed for pupils to participate in clubs and sports. Clubs will often require items such as props, costumes, and many more. For sports, the students will need a field, sports attire, and many more. Melvin Brewers and other small businesses assist by either sponsoring the participants in full or providing some of the items needed to facilitate the activity.

Supporting scouting programs

Most children and teens should be involved in such activities to help them grow physically and also mentally. However, such programs usually do not have the necessary funding to ensure that the planned activities are successful. Eventually, they may end up being dormant. Such a business can offer to provide the finances needed daily and even the necessary equipment.

Tutoring the students

Schools often lack the staff to take the students through the more technical fields and prepare them adequately in their careers. Tutoring them early enough in these fields enables them to make choices early enough and avoid confusion. The employees in these small businesses already have the experience and can advise them better than the schools’ teachers. 

Supporting special events

Special events can be costly to hold. The school usually requires items such as tents, food, decorations, and many more. Parents and teachers may not be able to fund this. Small businesses such as restaurants and bookstores can support such events and make them a success. If a theatre is needed for plays, some businesses are also willing to offer them free to facilitate all the activities. 

Appreciating teachers

We often forget how important teachers are in society. They shape the students correctly and assist them in some issues they may also be undergoing at home. Rewarding them from time to encourage them to do the work better is very necessary. Melvin and other small businesses appreciate and recognize teachers.

Teachers can get a discount on items when they go to such business, and they receive top-tier services. The place also gives them free items when they visit.

Giving scholarships to needy students

Most students cannot stay in school because their parents cannot afford the total cost. Such students quit school to work and sustain their lives and those of their parents in the long run. Small businesses prevent this by offering scholarships to needy students so that they can stay in school comfortably.

Engaging in supply drives

Small businesses like dry cleaners and clothing stores can conduct supply drives from time to time. During this supply drive, the items collected will be supplied to the deserving students in schools.

Providing support in education is very important for any small business. Aside from improving the image of the business, it also has an impact on the students. Every small business should aim at supporting education.

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