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Fans of Mia Khalifa – a Lebanese-American internet celebrity – may be confused about her involvement in a diss song. Here's what we know.

Love Mia Khalifa? Everything to know about all the diss song drama

Fans of Mia Khalifa – a Lebanese-American internet celebrity – may be confused about her involvement in a diss song made by rising music duo, iLOVEFRiDAY. The full extent of the drama has yet to be seen, but we have all the information you need to know about this celebrity “feud”. 

Mia Khalifa: A reminder for nonfans 

Mia Khalifa was once the most searched and viewed adult-film star on the planet. She pulled out of the industry back in 2015 after some controversial videos landed the actress in hot water – most notable was a pornographic scene filmed with Khalifa wearing a hijab, a traditional headdress worn by some Muslim women. 

Khalifa reportedly received death threats from Islamist Extremist groups like ISIS over her involvement in the video, and she even began fearing for her safety. 

Since then, Khalifa has continued to build a respectable fan base on popular social media sites including Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. She has admitted in several interviews that the stardom from pornography was never what she intended for her life, and instead she sought alternate paths to reshape her public image. Most recently, she has been known to take gigs as a webcam model and even in sports commentary.

iLOVEFRiday and Mia Khalifa

Natives of Atlanta, GA, iLOVEFRiDAY is a music duo composed of members SmokeHijabi & Xeno Carr. The hip hop pair have seen a sizable increase in popularity thanks to platforms like YouTSmokeHijabi & Xeno Carrube & TikTok. 

In fact, the duo’s unique, catchy beats have been attributed to much of their success on these sites, where followers are able to remix and edit their songs into concise but resounding beats. 

iLOVEFRiDAY released a music video titled “HATE ME” in early 2018; it immediately spawned memes, reaction videos, and a trendy internet presence. So what does a two-year-old song have to do with an internet personality like Mia Khalifa? We’re glad you asked. 

Mia Khalifa and diss song drama 

In 2018 a screenshot began floating around the internet that appeared to come from Mia Khalifa’s Twitter account. The tweet featured a screenshot taken from iLOVEFRiDAY’s “HATE ME” music video – it was a still image depicting the American-born Pakistani rapper, SmokeHijab, wearing a hijab while smoking weed. 

Below the picture was a caption reading: “She’s so disrespectful to all Muslim women and gives us a bad image smh.” 

In response to Khalifa’s post and outcry from some fans, iLOVEFRiDAY responded swiftly with a diss song titled “Mia Khalifa” in February 2018. The song was a viral sensation that continues to gain ground in 2020. The lyrics are aimed heavily at Khalifa’s attitude and both current and former lifestyles. 

Ironically, the trendiest part of the song has little to do with its meaning, but rather with how catchy and dissectable its beats are. So began the “feud” between the music group and Khalifa.

But one question still remained – was any of it real? 

Mia Khalifa: Fake tweets, real drama

Mia Khalifa was quick to report that the tweet did not originate from her account, but was fabricated to include the image and post. For someone who identifies as a “proud Catholic” and has participated in transgressive activities in a hijab, fans were quick to note that Khalifa’s tweet didn’t make much sense. 

We’re unsure whether HijabiSmoke and Xeno Carr knew or realized that the tweet was in fact a fake – or if the two even cared following the song’s unprecedented success.

Khalifa’s diss: More song than drama

The long-term effects of iLOVEFRiDAY’s diss song were quick to be seen on TikTok, the platform that has facilitated the success of their music on more than one occasion.

A TikTok user known for cosplay content was one of the first to truly capitalize and spread “Mia Khalifa” on the site. The user who identifies as @nyannyancosplay decided to mix & match some of the most catchy lyrics from the song to create a trendy mashup. 

The actions of @nyannyancosplay caught on fast, and led to the creation of copycat videos, more song mashups, and even a “Hit or miss” challenge. 

The challenge – inspired by one of the more popular lyrics of the song – has TikTok creators creating short, lip-sync videos and tagging other creators to post and respond with the proper lyrics that continue the popular song. The challenge has even spilled into real life, causing people to shout “hit or miss” in public places.

To this day it appears that the “feud” is at standstill since Khalifa has not yet responded publicly to the diss song, and iLOVEFRiDAY has made few comments acknowledging Khalifa’s reportedly fake post. 

Either way, we don’t think anyone can disagree that, for now, we’re all content sitting back and enjoying another silly but catchy product from the imaginative corners of the internet. Diss aside, even Mia Khalifa fans can get behind another musical trend that’s sure to keep the celebrity boosting her online image. No bad publicity, right?

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