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From her time as a XXX pornstar to her rising TikTok platform to motions of activism, Mia Khalifa has been stealing the show. What's she done now?

Mia Khalifa, even more XXX: What did she just do with her face mask?

From her time as a XXX pornstar to her rising TikTok platform to motions of activism, Mia Khalifa has been stealing the show. Known for her bold stance on sexuality, women’s rights advocacy, and creative charity fundraising, everyone has an opinion of Khalifa.  

However, your opinion of Mia Khalifa might just change after this latest XXX scoop. And by scoop we’re actually referring to how she just scooped up some dog poop. A hint: nothing can mask how gross this incident is. Here’s the poop scoop on Mia Khalifa. 


i just saw @miakhalifa put poop on her face

♬ original sound – benny blanco

What just happened?

If you just finished watching the disturbing video above, you know it’s no lie: Mia Khalifa was caught on tape using her face mask to pick up her dog’s poo. In the video, the twenty-seven-year-old can be seen removing her mask, leaning down to collect the parcel of dog poo, throwing the poo in the trash, and then putting the mask back on her face

If you replay the clip multiple times like we did (we just can’t look away from such an atrocity) Khalifa appears to even use the same side of the mask that made contact with the poo. Though her poop scooping was pretty swift, the residue must have remained. Thus, she willingly brought the likely smelly mask up to her face and seemed completely unphased. 

Who caught her in the act?

If you’re wondering who was creeping on Khalifa when her dirty deed occurred, we can point to Benny Blanco for capturing the footage. The reason this XXX news caught fire is that Blanco posted the video to TikTok where he has over 500 thousand followers. Blanco aptly captioned the video: “I just saw Mia Khalifa put poop on her face”.

Responsible for this viral video, Blanco got 8.3 million views on his post where he has developed his large platform as an aspiring record producer. Clearly, he found a new ticket to fame: ousting stars for the nasty they do behind the camera. 

Bold confession

All healthy skeptics may ask: how do we know it’s really Mia Khalifa in the video? The shot of her doing this disgusting deed is shot from a distance and her face is blurred and temporarily obscured by her poopy mask. So are we sure Khalifa is the one who really engaged in such repulsive behavior? 

Yep. Mia Khalifa has apparently learned to shrug off shame like a champ, because the former XXX star full-out admitted that she did, in fact, commit this crappy crime. Posting on Instagram, Khalifa wrote, “Honestly, I’d rather be shamed for this than not wearing a mask.”

This unabashed post was followed up by a message all in caps: “AT LEAST I’M NOT AN ANTI-MASKER!!!!!!” So clearly Khalifa intends to turn this publicized disgrace into an extreme example of how you should wear a mask no matter what


Safety first 😷

♬ original sound – Mia Khalifa

Anti-masker message

While Khalifa’s actions seem rather alarming, the stunt could have been a set-up bent on asserting her sanctimonious message. In fact, Khalifa posted a video of herself on TikTok wearing the same getup as she did the viral poop-scooping video. In the clip, Khalifa explains how she had been traveling and felt the need to wear a mask.

With her dog wearing a face mask beside her, Khalifa tells viewers: “Safety first, everyone has to wear a mask.” Could this phony post mean she didn’t actually put a poop-smeared mask on her face? We hope so. Would this make the whole incident a contrived & disgusting way to virtue-signal? You tell us. 

We also can’t help but comment on how ridiculous it is that Khalifa could think mask-wearing was so dire in this situation, pushing her to do the unthinkable. The former XXX star is seemingly alone, outside, and out of range of anyone to whom she could potentially spread COVID-19 if she had indeed contracted the virus. 

Logically the soiled mask should have been disposed of immediately instead of worn with pride. But who are we to deprive Khalifa of a moment to gloat? You do whatever sh%t you want to Mia Khalifa.  

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