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A boxing match between Mike Tyson (50-6) and Roy Jones Jr. (66-9) was held at the Staples Center. Here's how you can watch the fight.

Here’s how to watch the epic Mike Tyson fight again for free today

On November 28, a boxing match between Mike Tyson (50-6) and Roy Jones Jr. (66-9) was held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The two stepped out of retirement for this epic fight. Even though the fight ended with a draw, the match is worth watching. 

There are moments from the historical match that shouldn’t be missed by fans of Tyson & Jones or those who are even slightly interested in boxing.

Mike Tyson, 54, fought from 1985-2005. Roy Jones Jr., 51, started boxing professionally in 1989 until he retired in 2018. Both former boxers went back into the ring to take part in their most recent fight. 

Back in the spotlight

In an interview from April, Mike Tyson made it clear he wanted to return from retirement, so it’s no surprise he’s in the public eye again. “I want to go to the gym and get in shape to be able to box three or four-round exhibitions for some charities and stuff,” Tyson said.

In July, it became public that Roy Jones signed the contract making last week’s match official.

Where to watch? 

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, there was no live, in-person audience. Fans weren’t allowed to see the match in person. In order to watch it, people had to stream it from a device. Some people watched it on their TV through their cable subscription, some people were able to watch from a streaming service they subscribe to, and some people watched it online.

Although many livestreams of the event were through a pay-per-view service, there are still options out there. It’s possible to watch Mike Tyson & Roy Jones Jr. fight again for free today online.

When searching for the full match for free online, you may find yourself with limited options. There were other matches that night besides Tyson & Jones, and maybe you’re looking to watch those too. Finding the full stream to rewatch might be a challenge, but here are some options. 

Social media

It’s likely people from around the world were downloading livestreams of the match. A full version or some highlights could be available for free on sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. If you have social media, search for the Mike Tyson & Roy Jones Jr. fight. Something of worth might pop up for you to watch.


Most likely, the match has already been uploaded to YouTube. The full match is on there for free, even though it might take some searching to find a high quality video. But for those who aren’t interested in each and every detail of the match, there are also some shorter videos with well-chosen highlights from some of the best moments.

Sports news websites

Another place to find highlights of the match for free is on news websites that covered the match. Examples of websites like this include the sports sections of CBS & USA Today. Many news sites have video coverage of the match along with additional written commentary to supplement it.

Paid options

To get the experience of the full, original livestream, there are paid options out there. One of the ways to watch the match’s full stream is This website has the fight available to stream for $49.99 and includes both English & Spanish commentary.

Another website to pay for the full livestream is Triller. Triller is a video-based social media network. This website also offers the match replay for $49.99 with English & Spanish commentary.

Why you should watch the match

Both Mike Tyson & Roy Jones Jr., two legendary boxers, came out of retirement to participate in this ultimate matchup. If the pandemic wasn’t happening, people might have been in the seats watching it with their own eyes. The fact that this match still happened despite the world being on lockdown made it even more special. 

This historical match was worth rewatching, and there are a variety of options to watch it online and keep the memory of it forever.

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