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India’s films are known for great variation in humor, dance, and deep storylines. Here are five amazing Bollywood movies to watch.

Modern Bollywood: 8 movies about India

If you live for Indian movies that give an enchanting but authentic account of India, you will love this list. As Bollywood advances with the recent industrial trends influenced by modern film technology, the best of Bollywood productions in recent decades are indeed riveting.

India’s films are known for great variation in humor, dance, and deep storylines. The beautiful country, on the other hand, has one of the most interesting world cultures and has managed to win a considerable audience through the worldwide distribution of films. Below is a list of 5 Indian movies any film enthusiast should enjoy.

36 China Town

This captivating flick takes you through an interesting adventure about the world of games and casinos in India. It fits in the crime genre but incorporates rich humor to keep the audience guessing and laughing at the same time. The lead actor is a policeman who investigates the murder of a casino tycoon by the name of Sonia Chang. The film features an interesting cast of India’s finest actors including Akshaye Khanna, Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Shahid Kapoor, Vivek Shauq, and many other talented movie stars.


Cricket is one of the most prominent games in India. Lagaan is a movie about the game, however, tackling the oppression of Indians by the British. Although this flick was released early in the 2000s, its relevance and authenticity make sit a worthwhile mention in our list. The movie is set during an organized hunger strike, in response to excessive taxation rates. British Captain Russel offers a deal for Indians to either not pay taxes when they win or pay much more if they lost.

This movie stars Bhuvan, a character that sees the captain’s offer as a viable opportunity for freedom. The British had requested a cricket match against Indians, although the latter hardly knew a thing about the game. Nevertheless, the commitment of numerous Indians from all over made it a success.

Lagaan means tax, and the movie was set during Queen Victoria’s error.

Jodhaa Akbar

Jodhaa and Akbar are both famous characters in the engrossing love story. The story covers the successes and challenges of a great Indian Emperor, Jalal Uddin Mohammed Akbar. The mentioned was an ambitious ruler who took great steps to unite different Indian communities in efforts to expand his empire. However, when it came to winning the Rajputs, Akbar had to marry king Bharmal’s daughter, as a sign of goodwill and commitment between the communities.

The marriage was unique such that it not only united different communities, but also two religions, Hindus and Muslims. However, the arranged relationship resulted in genuine love, presenting a new responsibility for the emperor as a lover. The movie is set during the 16th century, showing Indian’s appreciation for their original culture. Furthermore, the same director who did Lagaan directed this masterpiece.


Lion is an interesting story about an Indian boy who loses his original family only to find them later when he gets older. The story narrates a common social issue in the Indian community. The genesis of the story sets Saroo as a 5-year-old boy from a rural area. Saroo goes on a trip with his brother and gets on the wrong train, which transports him 1000 miles away from home.

Being so young, the boy is unable to provide helpful information that might get him home. He, therefore, settles for the streets, after which he is taken into an orphanage. A Tasmanian family, the Brierleys, adopts Saroo and loves him like his real family. The Brierley family was financially endowed more than Saroo’s original family.

Before coming into some key information about his original family, Saroo had secretly searched for them, taking care not to hurt his foster family and girlfriend.

Passage to India

This book is a historical masterpiece featuring easily recognizable locations in India. The story covers the interactions between Indians and the British, back in 1920 before independence. Judy Davis plays the lead as Adela Quested. In the flick’s genesis, Adela travels with her mother-in-law to India, to be with her lover.

The story elaborately covers oppression and social interactions between the west (Europeans) and the east (Indians). Based on the book Forster, the ‘Passage to India,’ is an immersive tour on Indian soil. David Lean directed the movie.

Watching any of these movies presents a thrilling adventure. They cover real issues affecting the Indian people and capture historical events and real locations in the country. Furthermore, they are easily understandable by the wider audience since they are available in English.

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