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Looking for some movie-themed slots? We've compiled a list of all the best online slot machines worth checking out.

The Best Movie-Themed Online Slots

Two of the world’s biggest cultural phenomena are movies and online slots gaming. So it is no surprise that the online gaming world has produced numerous examples of crossovers between the two. These days, the online slots sector provides an impressive variety of movie-themed slots games full of player friendly features and bonuses. So if superhero movies are your thing, or you like sci-fi themed slots, here are four of the top movie-themed slots games.

Man of Steel

Along with Batman, Superman has dominated the superhero-slots game crossover in recent years, and this is one of the most famous iterations. Inspired by the Henry Cavill take on the famous man from Krypton, which was the first installment of the DC Extended Universe, Man of Steel offers appearances to all the leading characters from this popular origin story.

The online slots symbols include a number of famous faces, including Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent, Aussie superstar Russell Crowe in the role of Jor-El and Lawrence Fishburne’s take on Perry White. This is a thoroughly entertaining slots title, full of features, including a number of bonus games, such as the Krypton free game, which turns the basic 25 pay lines into 50. And there’s also a mystery progressive jackpot available to lucky players.

Planet of the Apes

One of the slots world’s big guns, NetEntertainment, are responsible for this excellent slot game that brings together aspects of Rise of Planet of the Apes and Dawn of Planet of the Apes. Both movies contribute distinctive features, including free spins and enhanced multipliers. 

Planet of the Apes also includes Dual and Stacked Wild features, along with top graphics, thrilling film clips and an immersive soundtrack, making it a favourite with many online casino players.

Justice League

Another leading slot producing by gaming giants Playtech, this game, like Man of Steel, also draws on the DC Comics Universe. The Justice League slot follows the success of the 2017 Warner Brothers movie, which centers on a group of superheroes. This slot is a perfect complement to the movie, featuring both superheroes and villains on the reels, along with handy bonuses. And, since Justice League is one of the DC Super Heroes Jackpot slots series, some huge jackpots are on offer. 

The Matrix

An all-time science fiction classic, The Matrix proved the inspiration for this popular slots title by Playtech. All of the famous supporting characters are here, including Trinity, Morpheus, and Agent Smith, while Neo, the hero of the film, represents a Wild, along with the black cat.

This engaging game does an excellent job of reproducing the atmosphere of the movie, right down to the green code that scrolls over a black backdrop. A Deja Vu Shuffle feature references a memorable scene from the movie, and there is another player friendly feature in which the black cat Wild covers the entirety of the outside reels, setting up bigger wins. There are also two free games accessible by choosing to take the red pill or the blue pill; the same choice that Morpheus gave to Neo.

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