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‘The Mummy’ is only one example of a movie inspiring a slot. Check out other movie-themed slot games here!

‘The Mummy’: The best 8 slots for movie fans to watch in 2020

Some people are hardcore movie fans while others prefer to pass the time with mobile games. The former is happy with the Spectrum Silver Package, while the latter enjoys frequenting online gaming sites. But how about combining the useful with the pleasant? Today, you can find a five-star list of top slots for movie fans that can turn your free time around on a dime.

Check these best eight games and make sure to try them ASAP.

If you are head over heels in love with popular Hollywood movies, then you need to pay attention to the stunning casino slots based on this theme. Often, the largest software development studios use world-famous movie plots to create the best online slots. 

It seems that development studios are doing a great job with this task. Today, you will explore the list of the most exciting games, wholly devoted to the subject of cinema, prepared by the UK CasinoHEX team.


The Mummy slot

This popular film franchise began its long journey back in 1999. Other versions of the film continued to entertain and delight fans around the world. Famous developer Playtech used a unique storyline to create a casino machine with five reels and 25 paylines. The slot theme perfectly conveys ancient Egypt’s atmosphere and includes a considerable number of all kinds of combinations and special functions.

The online game includes perks such as:

  •     Free spins.
  •     Additional video rounds.
  •     Jokers.
  •     Bonus games.
  •     Stunning prizes.

At some point, you can take part in the bonus game and hunt for a mummy to hit a big jackpot.

The Dark Knight slot

It seems that the developers have tried to please the millions of fans of this cult movie and create an incredible casino slot. Now, comics enthusiasts can spin the reels and help the main characters fight evil on Gotham’s streets. 

From time to time, the game will launch additional video clips to diversify the gameplay further and provide this slot with a unique atmosphere of the modern era. Users can collect unique combinations with a Joker that can reward them with dizzying rewards.

Rocky slot

All fans of the popular Rocky movie will appreciate this boxing-themed casino machine. Here you will witness a stunning level of graphics and storytelling based on various parts of this popular franchise. As you spin the reels with images of the main character Rocky and other heroes, you will receive fantastic prizes and participate in additional rounds.

Fighting against the most ardent opponents from different parts of the movie saga, you can get additional bonus credits and become the undisputed world champion by defeating opponents such as Apollo Creed, Ivan Drago, or Clubber Lang.

Gladiator slot

This casino machine was created by none other than Playtech. The widespread development studio offers the opportunity to spin the reels and become one of the protagonists of the epic historical drama shown on wide screens in 2000.

Right after the launch, you will be able to appreciate the unique gameplay and excellent plot where the general will become a slave, and the slave will eventually turn into one of the best gladiators of all time.

It is noteworthy that the casino machine contains original excerpts from the film that can immerse you in ancient Rome’s atmosphere and reveal the Colosseum’s stunning scale. The video slot contains a massive number of unique features, namely:

  •     Free spins.
  •     Multipliers.
  •     Incredible payouts and so on.

A Nightmare on Elm Street slot

If you are an ardent fan of horror movies, this slasher horror slot is a real godsend. Players will experience many thrills and completely immerse themselves in the famous film’s eerie atmosphere. The developer used outstanding visuals, an original soundtrack, and provided the game with an incredible array of special features. To hit a big jackpot, you need to land images of Freddy Krueger, and then your bet will be increased by 10,000 times.

Jurassic Park slot

The first part of the film hit the widescreen in 1993. The movie completely changed the film industry without exaggeration and showed stunning special effects that still look simply amazing. As a result, the developer has provided the game with a high level of graphics and detailed characters. The main highlight of the casino machine is the ability to study in detail the park’s entire landscape, which is teeming with dinosaurs. 

In turn, players can cover 243 paylines and break the bank in an instant. It is noteworthy that the slot has excellent variance indicators. Therefore, the number of winning rounds will be incredibly large.

Forrest Gump slot

This film received a well-deserved Oscar back in 1995. Lots of moviegoers love this movie. It tells the story of a man traveling around America. To warm the hearts of many fans, the development studio has offered a unique slot based on a popular storyline. The main characters are represented in various sectors of the reels, and their combinations promise huge rewards.

The casino machine also offers a unique bonus game where the user must avoid unexpected football field tackles. Currently, not every developer manages to recreate the plot of a film in a video slot. However, this game is an exception to this rule.

Captain America slot

It seems that Playtech has moved heaven and earth to provide this video slot with an extraordinary level of graphics and inimitable sound effects. The casino machine is made in 5 reels and 20 paylines and can deliver large rewards.

You will witness special features such as free spins, Wilds, and additional bonuses that can land on the screen at the most unexpected moment. It is noteworthy that this casino slot is perfect for players of all levels and will please even the most ardent fans of a fantastic movie.

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