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Marketing is crucial to a business. Find out why 3D multi-layer signs are integral to standing out.

Why should you choose 3D multi-layer signs for your business

Choosing 3D signage may be a bit tedious because there are numerous choices laid out there for you. Additionally, these signs are multipurpose as they can be displayed on both the interiors and exteriors within your space.

You need to remember that the 3D signs have three main types and these are pin mounted, dimensional, and channel letters. As you browse this article further, each 3D sign will be described in full detail in order to give you a glimpse of its appearance and conditions.

Pin mounted lettering

These are 3D signs that are usually installed on a wall and these are created by either cutting, casting, or molding to form a variety of signs and shapes and also come with different material types such as aluminum, brass, bronze, stainless steel, and acrylic. Moreover, the letter signs can also be coated with brushed, oxidized, polished, and patina finishes. 

Channel lettering

Although similar to the pin mounted signages, these are mostly used for outside purposes because of the lighting element that is added to enhance its impression towards the public. It usually comes in metal or plastic and its main parts include the face, back, trim cap, return, and lighting material. Depending on which part you want the sign to be lit, it should match the wall background where you plan the sign to be mounted. These are usually preferred by shops like malls, department stores, and boutiques because it naturally attracts visitors and potential buyers and its high visibility during nighttime. 

Face-lit signage is the most common type of channel signage used for a long time already. Here, the face of the letter signs is made using acrylic which can either be colored or just plain white. You can also opt to include the application of a high-quality or digitally-made vinyl if you prefer to have a customized design for your signage. However, if you want a more-cost-effective choice, then translucent acrylic would be the best for your front-lit signage. 

On the other hand, the trim cap is the metal piece of a strip that is enclosed in a soft acrylic and this also comes in different colors and is attached to the acrylic portion of the letter signs. Its function is to support the face of the letter signage to the return which is made of aluminum. Mentioning the return, it is the aluminum parts of the signage which is in charge of providing the depth and also allows space where the LEDs are to be connected. 

These can be made with different colors and usually, a computer-aided bending machine is used for its fabrication. Next, the back is attached to the return of letter signage in three ways namely punching, stapling, or welding. As soon as these are linked, then it can now be filled with lighting sources to illuminate the sign.

If you don’t prefer your signs to be lit at the front part, then you can also choose to have the reverse-lit letter signs. This displays the lighting out of the rear of the signs wherein it is covered by a transparent acrylic with the lighting material connected to the acrylic face. This produces the halo effect when the light bounces from the face and back to the back of the letter sign, therefore, illuminating the sign. 

These signs are able to attach themselves to the walls for a longer period of time using spacers at least 1 inch off the wall in order to let the light break free in an even manner. For the lighting material, you can choose between LED or neon although the latter is much more expensive and would need higher maintenance. 

Dimensional signage

These are signs that appear three-dimensional for bolder emphasis and highlight to the letters. These also come in many variations like high-density urethane or HDU, acrylic, wood, dimensional cast metal plaque, plastic, and metal. The high-density urethane or HDU is sturdy, waterproof, and cost-effective among the types because it is best for any shape and can appear with a smooth and soft textured finish. 

Another is acrylic where it is best for interior usages and is versatile among the others due to its ability to be cut, engraved, polished, and sandblasted. The wood, however, can be customized from almost all types of wood, even the ones which are very resistant to different weather conditions.

Benefits of 3D signage

  • Increase in proportion and emphasis

Customizing three-dimensional signage doesn’t only guarantee attraction from potential buyers but also an emphasis on your brand. You would want your business to stand out from your competitors which is why it would require you to level up your signage game. If you want signage that can surely appeal to everyone for a long time, then 3D signs are for you. 

  • Easily grabs the attention of many

It is an undeniable fact that lit signages are definitely eye-catching compared to plain and dull-looking signs. It absolutely is undisputed in terms of functioning as an effective marketing tool and doesn’t immediately lose its value as time continues to pass by. Unlike billboards, it immediately loses color because it is exposed to various weather changes that may have affected its appearance. For replacement, you only need to change the lights in case it gets used to its limit.

  • Visible even for a longer distance and during nighttime

The purpose of these signs doesn’t only serve to entice the public but also for the purpose of locating the store. People will not have difficulties in finding your establishment even during the night because your sign is easily seen. This should be a must especially for businesses who are operating at nighttime.

  • Gives off the classy, professional, and sophisticated finish

You can observe that these signs are used by the biggest enterprises, institutions, and agencies because it has truly been effective in catching the public’s attention. Hospitals, supermalls, hotels, and restaurants have these because it is more defined than the rest of the signage out there and is even advantageous when used for the exteriors of the establishment. The customization of these signs are even low maintenance and requires less effort on mounting them on walls.

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