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Eager to attend film school? Find out what you can do to qualify for the Nancy Etz Scholarship and various other programs.

Looking to go to Film School? Check out the Nancy Etz Scholarship plus 6 more

Film school is the dream of lots of budding directors, screenwriters, and producers. The plan for many potential film professionals is to attend a high-quality film school that will give them the chance to network with industry figures and build a portfolio of work.

College Express reports the best film schools are not always those that are the best known, but they may give you a chance to focus on a specific discipline, such as screenwriting or cinematography. One of the most important aspects of attending film school is to remember you will be paying for arts education that could get expensive without scholarships to help you survive.

1. The Nancy Etz Scholarship

The days of most students finding a huge scholarship that will cover the entire cost of tuition seem to be over. However, finding several scholarships of around $1,000 or more each will add up to helping pay for tuition and living expenses for yourself and your family. 

The Nancy Etz Scholarship is made available to students who apply online and complete the 500-word essay requirement. The scholarship is open to high school seniors planning to continue their academic career, undergraduates, and graduate students who are looking for financial assistance.

2. Betty Harlan Memorial Art Scholarship

Some scholarships are based on a geographic region a student is graduating high school from, such as the Betty Harlan Memorial Art Scholarship. Scholarships reports this scholarship is open to graduating seniors who have completed their high school education in Boone, Ogle, or Winnebago Counties and are looking to study the visual arts. The amount provided varies by the year.

3. The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Visual Arts Scholarship

There are many not for profit groups who are looking to help members of their community to move forward with their studies. The Congressional Black Caucus is one of those groups and uses its charitable position in U.S. politics and community assistance to provide several scholarships for African-American and black students. 

One of the scholarships available from the Congressional Black Caucus is based solely on the visual arts and provides up to $3,500 per academic year. To apply for this scholarship, you should be classed as an African-American or black student and be looking to attend a full-time course majoring in the visual arts. 

There are a few other guidelines to check out before applying for this scholarship, including living in the district of a member of the Congressional Black Caucus.

4. Women in Film Scholarship

The issue of diversity of race and gender in the film industry has been discussed for the last decade since the “Oscars So White” controversy. The Women in Film Scholarship is dedicated to providing financial support to women of all ages who are looking to take up a course at a four-year film school. 

The scholarship program can vary from year to year, but any woman who is looking to study film and develop a film career can apply for assistance regardless of age or geographic location.

5. The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences

We are now in what has been described as a golden age of television that has seen many of the most talented creatives trading film for the small screen. The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has been dedicated to helping students achieve their television dreams for decades. 

In the 21st-century, the main scholarship on offer from the organization provides every chosen student with $10,000 to achieve their dreams of building a TV production career. This is not the only scholarship available from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, which also provides scholarships for students from certain geographic areas of the U.S. to help build a diverse TV industry.

6. The Gordon Hay Scholarship Fund

It is common for most people to look at the TV and film industry and think about those figures who we see on our screens regularly. This could be an actor, screenwriter, or director who has made a name for themselves in Hollywood. The Gordon Hay Scholarship is looking to help students who are looking for a non-performance career in the industry and want to receive some help with their studies. 

Any high school senior who is located in the Charlotte, North Carolina area should look to apply for this scholarship of $5,000 per year to help them achieve a career in music composition, screenwriting, choreography, or stage management.

7. Barbara Caras Memorial Scholarship for Film Students

To apply for the Barbara Caras Memorial Scholarship, students should be located in Florida when completing their high school education. This scholarship has a total value of $10,000 per academic with the funds split between five students receiving $2,000 each for their visual arts education. 

The Barbara Caras Memorial Scholarship has been moving with the times as it provides financial support for students looking to enter several different disciplines. Among the academic subjects a student can look for financial assistance in are motion design, computer animation, and illustration.

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