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The NBA page was a subreddit of over 400,000 members who enjoyed thinking about basketball. How can you watch the Reddit live stream?

We’ve got you covered: How to live stream NBA games on Reddit

Reddit has added another victim to their ever-growing list of banned pages. In addition to almost every other subreddit sports page that has been taken down, the NBA has been Reddit’s latest target. That’s okay; we’re crying too.

The NBA page was a subreddit network of over 400,000 members who enjoyed thinking about basketball. Sounds like an innocent hobby, right? Then why was it outlawed?

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The issue with the NBA page, as with other sports pages, was sharing links leading to NBA live streams. Being the well-connected community that Redditors are, anytime there was an NBA game going on, one of the subscribers would share direct or acestream connections to watch NBA online free of charge.

Although subscribers meant no harm, this was illegal and damaged corporations that have acquired the broadcast rights. 

Unlike downloadable content, streaming connections are hard to track & take down – especially acestream connections. Thus, Reddit banned the NBA subreddit page to avoid these links from spreading. 

When Reddit subscribers try to search for NBA streams, they will face the words “error message” instead. Luckily, two other leading streaming subreddits are still around. (Throw those tissues away and stop crying because it’s still possible to stream NBA games on Reddit!)

Reddit nbastreams Discord channel

Discord is a freeware chat app used for mobile devices and computers that support a web browser. Via Discord, users can exchange texts, pictures, videos, connections – not to mention, links leading to NBA live streams. Upon learning that Reddit would take down the NBA forum, the NBA Reddit stream team created Discord to replace it. 

When accessing the Discord channel, users will come across a message on the channel’s welcome page that thanks them for joining and details on how to access streams:

“Every game has a very own voice and text channel! They open 30 minutes before the start of the game and close 30 minutes after the end of the game. These are public spaces where you can explore the game in real-time with others! With live score alerts and more, this is where you should go while doing basketball multi-screening.”

Before each match, new channels are opened where you will find both direct and acestream links up to 1080p quality.

This is a free streaming platform for all sports and covers major tournaments such as UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, Spanish League, Copa America, NHL ice hockey, and NBA basketball. uses Peer 2 Peer technology that offers high-quality streaming to its visitors. 

Like most sports fans during a match, there is a lot to be said about techniques, tactics, and the like. Visitors of can make comments under every stream in the comment section. To use this feature, users must create a free account.

In addition to live streaming, also provides users with highlights and live scores from recent games.

To use users need to install the flash player for browser playbacks and install SopCast software on the computer for SopCast streaming.

Reddit is no match against the power between a loyal NBA subreddit group. Stream away!

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