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All the best sex scenes you've ever seen for your binge watching pleasure. Are you ready to Netflix and chill?

Check out the best sex scenes to binge on Netflix tonight

Let’s talk about sex scenes on Netflix! Given that they are largely unconstrained by normal censorship rules in film and television, things can get pretty hot and heavy in the various Netflix properties. But what are the very best sex scenes on Netflix? What are the ones so visceral that the rewind button gets a work out while you Netflix and chill in the way you prefer.

Here are some of the absolute best sex scenes on Netflix. From television series to films, these sex scenes will remind you that, hey, it’s probably been awhile since you got some of the regular because of COVID. Might as well find a new way to let yourself get hot and heavy without actually having to touch someone to get hot and heavy because, you know, social distancing.

Jessica Jones 

Be real for a second, folks, you’ve always wondered what a sex scene between two superpowered individuals would look like. Don’t get us wrong, a huge part of Jessica Jones is about sexual trauma and dealing with abusers, but the scene between Mike Colter’s Luke Cage and Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones? When they just absolutely cut loose together and wreck that bed? That was pretty hot.

It’s definitely a shame that they didn’t figure out a way for those two crazy kids to make things work. Granted with Marvel TV folding and all the Netflix series being cancelled? We’re not that surprised. But that sexual chemistry between the two was hot af? And that sex scene? Definitely one of the best on the streamer.

The Witcher 

Hey, Henry Cavill, how’re you doin’? With the long silver hair, those golden eyes, and the amount of times he ends up all dirty? Woo boy. It’s no wonder a Cosmo editor wrote an article about all the times she got horny from the series. Because Cavill had a lot of people feeling a certain way watching the series. Add in the sex scenes? Woof, it goes to whole another level.

Do we need to talk about the orgy that Yennefer (Anya Chalotra) had the first time Geralt met her? Or that voyeuristic sex scene in the third episode? Or Geralt and Yennefer in the bath? Or the frustrated eye sex with Jaskier (Joey Batey) because that was definitely a thing? It’s a very sexy show, The Witcher. Toss a coin and maybe get a happy ending, if you catch our drift.

365 DNI

Straight up, 365 DNI is definitely about one of the most toxic relationships ever put to film. At the same time, however, if you fast forward between the relationship drama stuff, this film is probably the closest thing that Netflix will ever have to outright porn on its platform. The scenes are just very hot and heavy, very sexual in a way that will definitely have you wanting to enjoy them, again, without the toxic relationship drama.

No wonder they’re calling this film Poland’s answer to 50 Shades of Grey. Actually, that’s probably a little insulting. 50 Shades of Grey was not nearly so hot and heavy as what’s going on with 365 DNI.


Ever think that a series that you’re watching is going to end with an orgy? Or, you know, an orgy just happening between the cat somehow, somewhere, someway at some point in time? Sense8 knows your struggle and brings you a mental orgy between the members of the recently activated sensate cluster. Damn, if the Wachowskis don’t deliver.

Not only does this make narrative sense, it’s also just one of the hottest scenes on Netflix. Just have more shows go full on orgy at some point, the characters relationship drama will probably get less tense for it.

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