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Looking to redecorate? Here's what you need to know about getting personalized art whether from humans or AI.

Everything to know about getting personalized art from humans or AI

Getting art to decorate your house or apartment isn’t just some small act for most people. It’s self expression and a way to make your house feel more like a home. Having something you enjoy looking at on your walls makes the place you live in feel more yours and is proven to increase happiness.

Getting personalized art is a great way to make sure you have pictures that are exactly what you want. However, buying art can be tricky, so here’s everything you need to know about getting personalized art for yourself.

Commissioning art

One of the most common ways to obtain personalized art is to find an artist you like and pay them to create a custom piece. They’ll ask you for your specific desires and then create you a one of a kind piece.

It can be time consuming to find an artist whose work you consistently like, and not all artists take commissions, but once you do it’s often even more exciting to receive the piece of art.

Most people think of art commissions as simply portraits, but there’s an artist for everyone, you can commission anything from still life paintings, landscapes, or even personalized abstract art depending on the artist.

AI art

Artificial intelligence probably isn’t your go-to thought when thinking about artists. Art is for humans, most would likely say. However, there are plenty of companies who are using artificial intelligence to create art. This can work a few different ways.

One of the most common ways this works is that you can upload an image of your choosing and the AI will alter it somehow. This can vary depending on the site. Some will take your photo and remake it in the style of a famous painter or it could alter it to look dazzlingly abstract, or something else altogether.

Some websites will also make original AI art. This means that they give their artificial intelligence certain parameters and then the computer script is allowed to create any random imagery it comes up with that follows its code.

Art prints

Not everyone has the pocketbook to commission an artist to create a unique piece. This is where art prints come in rather handy. If you find an artist you like, but can’t afford an original, a print is the next best thing.

Prints are usually printed images of a single piece of an artist’s work – which means there are multiple copies of that artwork. Most prints are created by a printer on high quality paper, but there are canvas prints out there too. Prints are usually easier to maintain because they aren’t painted. There’s also less of a concern about it getting damaged since it isn’t a unique original.

There are some places that will do “custom prints” and this essentially just means that it’s a digital piece that is printed by a printer, so again less upkeep, and oftentimes cheaper since there’s less work for an artist to do – provided you didn’t hire a digital artist.

Digital artists

Speaking of digital artists this is another avenue for custom artwork. Digital artists create their works on their computers, rather than with a pen or paintbrush. They use a digital tablet and stylus and view their work on a computer monitor.

If you order a physical copy of art from a digital artist you’ll be getting a print (a custom print if you commission a piece), but it will still have come from a printer. Depending on the circumstance this could potentially lead to a cheaper price point, but not necessarily, since a lot of what an artist is charging for is time, not just materials.

Artists who create digital or physical art usually spend hours creating a single piece.

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