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In the past, a lot of tragic events have impacted the film industry in a big way. Here's what will happen to the film industry after COVID-19.

A quick look at the film industry post-COVID19 pandemic

In the past, a lot of tragic events have impacted the film industry in a big way. These include the 1918 Spanish flu influenza pandemic that killed millions of people in the world. The other is the Second World War when nations fought against nations. But more recently is the VCR where people started watching movies in the comfort of their homes. 

The internet invention enables users to stream live movies from handheld devices, and this has nearly dealt a blow to the cinema industry. The effects of COVID 19 are going to be more severe with new rules about social distancing and staying at home order taking shape. 

But just like the previous tragic events, the movie industry will rise again, and there will be entertainment just like before. How the film industry is likely to look like post-COVID 19 pandemics. Let’s find out in the discussion below.

Donations and assistance

In the past, crews could be paid just enough to last a few weeks. Crews have bills to pay and mortgages too and hence need support during this difficult period. However, with the future looking uncertain, large companies such as Netflix can step up and make donations to support the crews during the pandemic period. In the UK, there is an emergency fund specifically for COVID-19 film and television. 

Virtual shows

Of course, eventually, everybody will find ways to cope, however, some crews may end in debts. Before everything goes back to normal, crews can come up with innovative ways such as doing projects online or virtually. 

It’s basically coming up with virtual shows since the Film industry will eventually explode past COVID-19 and to cope up with demand, and it’s important to have something in the pipeline. For instance, you check valueq info and find lots of smart devices that can deliver real-time shows instantly and on the Go.


Without a doubt, there were some shows which were already in production before the lockdown period. The sets for the shows are probably in the sound stages. With a projected high demand post-COVID-19, then it’s important to keep the crews engage.

Already there were commitments, and after the film industry is opened up, it would be a good thing to complete the pending projects. One thing is for sure, cooperation between the players is vital at this stage. 

Everybody must work together to get the film industry back on its feet. The film industry has a positive outlook, and its recovery will be to the good of everyone.

Think about insurance

It can be difficult to get insurance companies to support upcoming projects during the pandemic period. Undeniably, any new project, whether a TV show or a film, requires insurance. Without insurance, you might not be able to secure the best talent or locations.

Currently, the insurance companies are drawing up policies and excluding COVID-19 claims. Film studios will not have any problem navigating through the exclusion. However, independent players might find the cost exorbitant. There is a need for a middle ground where the insurance companies and film industry players need some form of cooperation. 

Any disagreements or tighter policies will see a delay in the recovery process of the film industry. Governments probably need to intervene as the issue of insurance is very emotive.

Future of releases and awards

There are many awards that have been in existence in the film industry, such as the Oscars. When awarding the best actors or production houses, there are events, and this question cannot be ignored.

With the social distancing rules expected to persist beyond the Post COVIID-19 pandemic, will people be allowed to congregate? Or better still, during launches of new releases on big screens, what is likely to happen? This will be a discussion going forward, and players will need to come up with an amicable solution.


The COVID-19 pandemic is going to affect the film industry in a big way. Just like any other industry out there, we might find ways to adapt to the new normal. The future is bright, and there’s a high expectation. 

As industry players, we must find ways to cope with the pandemic; otherwise, the film industry will be on its death bed. Governments and other players in the economy have a big role in supporting the film industry in the coming days.

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