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If you’re like the rest of the world, then you’re into the double digits of days in quarantine. These memes are our reaction during this crisis.

Another week of COVID-19 quarantine? These memes mirror our reaction

If you’re like the rest of the world, then you’re into the double digits of days in quarantine. To survive the coronavirus pandemic, all of us across the globe have moved our entire lives inside the walls of our homes. The shift to remote work, setting a daily schedule outside of bed, and maintaining healthy habits have been a struggle for all. 

Although we’re glad another week has ended, it can still be hard to raise one’s mood, under the circumstances. Need a pick-me-up? Take a look at the memes below, perfectly describing another week in quarantine. 

Coronavirus news updates hitting you hard

Every time there’s an update on deaths or infected statistics, it’s hard to imagine the world after this moment in history. 

Realizing you can’t continue to cope through online shopping

The phrase “retail therapy” has taken on a new level of intensity during this pandemic. We’re all currently weighing the pros & cons of continuing an Amazon Prime membership. 

Experiencing the struggles of working from home

It doesn’t matter how technologically inclined you were before the pandemic – depending on your computer for everything is a struggle. 

Watching people break quarantine and feeling both jealous & concerned

The better part of your judgement knows you’re staying safe, but subconsciously the beach sounds amazing right now. 

Wanting your choice back 

Even if you were traditionally an introvert, not having the option to agree to plans anymore has us feeling a bit disgruntled. 


Online games = life

Early-2000s trends are making their way back during quarantine as the world turns to The Sims and Animal Crossing as sources of normalcy & entertainment.

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